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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Not just 12 signs...

Most people argue that how can the whole humanity be divided into just 12 signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.). Actually as per Vedic Astrology, the division are far more than that, possibly the reason why we have so many different kinds of people. How? Just see the stats below:

Signs - 12
Houses - 12
Nakshatras (Constellations) - 27
Each Nakshatra has 4 divisions called padas.
Hence, at least total number of variations can be
12*12*27*4 = 15552

Now, for every degree of movement of earth the planets shift their positions. Consider Moon. It will hence traverse 180 degree East and West of GMT, with total of 360 degrees. Multiplying this with above figure, we get = 5598720. And this multiplication must be done for all planets. I am not going to do that. Hence we have these many types of people in the world. Start counting...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Results of a Mahadasha

Everyone at anytime is running a mahadasha, or major period of a planet and may be about to start a mahadasha of another planet. It is not easy to judge what results a coming mahadasha can bestow a native. First let us look at the total time periods of all mahadashas:

Planet Mahadasha Period
Sun 6 years
Moon  10 years
Mars 7 years
Rahu 18 years
Jupiter 16 years
Saturn 19  years
Mercury 17 years
Ketu 7 years
Venus 20 years

When a child is born, she is actually running a mahadasha of some planet. A mahadasha is further divided into antadasha (sub-period) and pratyantardasha(sub-sub period) periods of planets.While judging a mahadasha we must consider the following:
1. The position of planet (house and rashi) in D1.
2. The position of planet (house and rashi) in D9 (helps in understanding judging the happiness/satisfaction from one's partner and spiritual propensity)
3. The position of planet (house and rashi) in D10 (when judging the career during the mahadasha)
4. The position of planet (house and rashi) in D3 (when judging happiness/satisfaction in general.
5. The position of planet (house and rashi) in D60 (the chart of previous life and sanchit karma)
6. Whether the planet is friendly to ascendant or not.
7. One thing could be very important is Mahadasha of Naksthatra ascendant. If you are going through or started the mahadasha of planet of nakshatra lord under which you are born, then it could be a life changing mahadasha. It can bring in the 'Self-Realization' phase in your life. For example someone born under ascendant of Sun (Leo) might have ascendant nakshatra as Magha (ruled by Ketu), Purva Phalguni (ruled by Venus) or Uttara Phalguni (Sun). Hence, if the person has Leo ascendant and Magha as ascendant Nakshtra, then the mahadasha of Ketu will be mahadasha of greater change in life, leadering to movement towards higher goals indicated by Ketu, such as emancipation.

Obviously, if a planet is in its highest position in any of the charts then it will give better than average results. But, it may happen that a planet is exalted in D1, but debilitated in D9 or D60. Then it means that the mahadasha will not give that good results.I had read that in general a mahadasha lord if enemy of ascendant lord will give bad results, specially if badly placed. But, I have witnessed that if the same planet was well placed in D60 (in center in own house) gave good results.Also, the planets give results as per their intrinsic nature.
1. Jupiter, Venus, brigher Moon (Moon in shukla paksha) and non-afflicted Mercury being a beneficial planets, will give good results as per their placement.
2. Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu tend to give some struggles to native due to their intrinsic malefic character.
Also, if any of these planets are with one or more benefics, their strength to give good results increases. On the similar lines, if the mahadasha lord is with a malefic planet, its tendency to give bad results/struggles increases. If a planet is giving a Rajyoga (Neecha bhang rajyoga, Viparit rajyoga, Mahalakshmi yog etc.) in D1 chart, and is present in D10 chart with a malefic in 10th house, the native is destined to rise further in her career, but after a lot of struggle. 

The struggle is alleviated, if the planet is with a benefic. Also, the planet's location gives its major results. Examples:
1. A mahadasha of planet located in 12th house will give results with respect to the 12th house significations and the houses the planet rules. Mars in Leo for Virgo ascendant, will give results with respect significations of 12th house, 3rd house (Scorpio) and 8th house (Aries).
2. Mars in Virgo for Aquarius ascendant will give results primarily with respect to 8th house, 3rd house (Aries) and 10th house (Scorpio).

Again, while judging we must consider associations, aspects and exchanges and various divisional charts when judging the mahadasha.A small note on how to judge an antardasha - In general consider, the location of antardasha planet with respect to mahadasha planet. If the antardasha planet is in center (located 1,4,7,10) or kona (1,5,9) with respect to mahadasha planet, then the antardasha planet will give good results. While on the whole mahadasha lord will keep focus on houses it rules and where it sits, for smaller periods (antardasha planet) the focus will accordingly shift to houses rules by antardasha planets and where they sit.For more details on houses see the following links. 

The links can tell where your focus is currently depending on mahadasha and antardasha:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Human Mind...2

When the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are strong and are favourably placed in a chart, the native will definitely have sound mind, sharp intellect, healthy reasoning and mature wisdom. If they are not well placed (placed in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th from ascendant) or are afflicted by a malefic planet such as Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu then there could be chances of the native not having the mental faculty well balanced as indicated by the planet. 

For example - In case of above afflictions to Moon, the person can become highly imaginative, or paranoid, or depressive.

In case of Mercury, the native can lack intellectual balance, be nervous and lack general public behavior. 

In case of Jupiter, the person can lack wise decision making skills and any propensity towards higher learning or traditions. The person can also display inability to take wise decisions and implement them.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Human Mind...1

The natural significant of mind as addressed in earlier posts is the Moon. Besides the moon, the planets that can signify the working of human mind are Mercury and Jupiter. The role of all three planets is described below:

The Moon - It's strength or weakness reflects how a person's mind normally functions. It indicates the person's feelings, attachments with worldly affairs and how a person respond emotionally. It also tells how much a person will be mentally compatible to other people in general. That's why people with strong moons are socially very active. 

The Mercury - It is the planet of reason, rationality, logic and intelligence for a native. It also indicates a person's academic inclination and business and practical knowledge. Most successful business people have strong mercury. It also indicates a native's complexes.

The Jupiter - This planet signifies wisdom, higher knowledge, maturity and hope. Mostly people with very sound higher spiritual knowledge have a strong Jupiter. Such people have strong inclination towards reading and books.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Navamansha Chart - D9...5

For reference to ninth house read the following post:

So, coming to the nature of spouse. If the master of seventh house (Leo) in your D9 chart is Sun, then in that case your spouse will be authoritative. Your spouse will display properties bestowed by Sun, specially after marriage (that is the time when he/she starts affecting your life and vice versa). 

If your 7th house in D9 is Aries or Scorpio, in that case, your spouse will be someone interested in outdoor activities/sports etc. Even if he/she have been an indoor person till now, suddenly your involvement with him/her will give him interest in Martian activities. Magic right? It happens. 

Now, how lucky you will be for your spouse? For boys, again Venus is the main guy besides the 7th house of D9. For a girl it will Mars/Jupiter or both. So, if in the above case in Scorpio, Mars is also sitting their (in a girl's chart), then Mars is pretty strong in D9 and the girl will prove to be lucky for her husband. The person (her husband) will be very secretive (may be with secret affairs( and he will become more secretive after marriage. 

If the Mars is in Cancer, hence debilitated, the girl's husband will become too much of homebound and under the strong influence of his own mother. Hence, the master of 7th house in D9 chart must always be strong and well placed in a girl's chart (for her to be lucky for her husband) and also in boy's chart (for him to be lucky for his wife). 

Please note that 7th house in D9 chart indicates only the first serious affair/marriage in your life. For subsequent ones the equation changes.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Navamansha Chart - D9...4

Now something that many people reading the blog might be waiting for, your life partner/ your husband/ your wife/your spouse. What will he/she be like? And how lucky will you be for your partner? Here, the word partner mostly indicates someone with whom you share majority of your life, besides your parents of-course. 

So, we use the seventh house of your D1 chart to determine how your spouse will be. Besides this, in a boy's chart the placement of Venus is of extreme importance. If Venus is well placed in D1 and D9 charts, be sure that your wife will be a dedicated and good looking and someone whom you can trust for a whole lifetime. I have already indicated in earlier posts when a planet is well placed:

1. Exalted - Venus is exalted in Pisces
2. Located in own house - in Taurus or Libra
3. In a friend's house - Gemini, Capricorn or Aquarius. 
4. Under aspect of benefics such as Jupiter, Moon and Mercury
5. Under aspect from friends of the ascendant in D1

Similarly in a girl's chart (D1 and D9) Jupiter and/or Mars must be well placed. 

1. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, while Mars in Capricorn
2. Jupiter's own houses - Sagittarius and Pisces
     Mars's own houses - Aries and Scorpio
3. Jupiters friends are - Mars (Aries and Scorpio) and Sun (Leo)
    Mars' friends are - Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces) and Sun (Leo)
4. Under aspect from friends of the ascendant


Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Navamansha Chart - D9...3

For reference to ninth house read the following post:

The D9 chart is also used to determine the spiritual inclination of a native. In the below post I have described how a native can determine his or her Ishta Dev.

As per BhagyaSamhita rules, Atma Karaka is the planet that has the highest longitude (or degrees) in one's natal Chart. Atma Karaka in Navamsha is named the "Karakamsa". The 12th from the Karakamsa controls the "IsthaDevata". The 12th house from the karakamsa is named the "Jivanmuktamsa". This is the house which suggests the freedom of the soul and thus we have to observe this house in order to find your IshtaDevata and if there is a Graha in the Jivanmuktamsa, it indicates the Devata. If there are more Grahas than one, we select the strongest. If there is no Graha in the Jivanmuktamsa, we can see whether any Grahas are inspecting the 12th. If no Grahas aspect it, we can take the 12th Lord as IshtaDevata. In the chapter called "kaarakaamsaphala" in BPHS(Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra), Parasara stated the deities adored based on the planets in the 12th from kaarakaamsha. For example, Sun in 12th from Atma Karaka shows a believer of Shiva and Moon in 12th from Atma Karaka shows a worshipper of MaaGouri.

Here are given the ruling deities for each planet who can be your IshtaDevata as per your Horoscope.

Sun - Vishnu, Rama, Shiva 

Moon - Krishna, Shiva, Parvati

Mars - Hanuman, Subramanya, Sri Narasimha

Mercury- Vishnu
Jupiter- Vishnu, Sri Vamana, Dattatreya, Sai Baba
Venus- Maha Lakshmi, Parashurama, MaaGouri
Saturn- ShaniDev, Hanuman, Kurma, Shiva, Vishnu
Rahu - MaaDurga, Varaha
Ketu - Ganesh, Matasya
Ascendent - Kalki

Besides determining one's Ishta Dev D9 also indicates how much spiritual a person will be. Actually, if you are not a following of ancient Indian philosophy of Sanatan Dharma (now termed as Hinduism), you will not be able to grasp the above stuff. But still you can determine one's propensity, because in principle, the Lord or the almighty is one. It does not matter which path you follow, if your D9 chart  is strong, you will have a natural inclination towards the ONE almighty. It is just that Sanatan Dharma has so many deities, they are just replicas of ONE Lord. 

Hence, if you have a strong D9 chart (also strong D60 chart) you will be a spiritual person and you will follow a path of goodwill, leading to emancipation.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Navamansha Chart - D9...2

The Navamansha chart displays the luck of a person in general. Why so? If you remember the post on 9th house:

Then you will see that the 'good luck' as we see in our lives comes through good deeds or the good karma that we accumulate from our previous lives. So, if you have a strong D9 chart (or the 9th house), it actually that you have been a overall good person doing all sorts of goods deeds in the previous lives. 

Well, what exactly you did can be determined through the 12th house of your chart or more precisely the D60 chart. For example if you have good placement of Venus in your D60 chart, it would actually mean that you behaved good with your wife and you were gentle and behaved well with women in  general in your previous lives. Similarly, if you have a strong Mars in your D60 chart, it could mean that you did something good for masses (general public) in general or maybe you were a warrior in your previous life, who protected people. 

Hence, your luck will be reflected from your D9 chart and if you see carefully your D1, D9 and D60 charts will be in agreement when it comes to the fruits you reap in your current life.


Monday, June 23, 2014

The Navamansha Chart - D9...1

The Navamansha chart or the D9 chart is the most important chart after the basic birth chart D1. For getting an accurate navamansha chart we need to have exact date and time of birth along with the place of birth. A navamansha chart changes after every 15 minutes, hence the above requirement. Navamansha means the the 9th part (navam - 9th; ansha - part). It is formed when we open up the 9th house of a basic birth chart. Now what is the importance of 9th chart? You can read it here:

Hence the D9 chart also indicates everything that is indicated by the 9th house. So we can summarise that the D9 chart indicates the following:

1. Your luck in general
2. Your spiritual inclination
3. Your spouse (7th house of D9 is seen for spouse's general nature and propensities)
4. Latter part of your life (after 35)
5. Your life after marriage (also timing of marriage)
6. The real strength of the planets in your chart
7. Neecha Bhanga (cancellation of debilitation of a planet)
8. Will a native be able to learn all lessons related to current life that his/her soul has set for him /her.

Most of the time all other divisional charts are in agreement with D1 and D9 charts. For example, if you wish to determine one's career, it can be seen through one's D1 chart's 10th house. Now this will be in agreement with D9's 10th house and D10's 10th house. Similarly we need to see the D3 chart for happiness in one's life, again D1 and D9 will be in agreement. Hence, you can understand the significance of D9 chart.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...6

In an earlier post I had indicated that - Dhan yoga will get activated when the mahadasha and antardasa of planets involved starts. Even during the pratyantar dasha of the planets trigger such wealth gains. 

Well, in that sense, we must also consider the bhav chalit chart also. A bhav chalit chart is used mainly when we have to look for the result of a mahadasa, antardasa or pratyantar dasa. Most of the time, the planets stay in the same house or move backwards (one house back) in the bhav chalit chart. When you have a look at your chart, note that it is the house with respect to the what the planet moving will give results and not with respect to sign it moves to. 

This can be understood as following:

Consider that you have Mercury in Virgo in 3rd house and Mercury dasa is about to start for a native. In his/her bhav chalit chart, Mercury moves to 2nd house, hence the the native will gain money via his/her younger siblings and the gain will be really good since the Mercury is in own house. The result will be gain of money (2nd house) and not of authority (signified by Leo). 

Hence, since we have 5 houses 1, 2, 5, 9, 11 to consider we can have following considerations:

1. As described above, if in the bhav chalit chart the 5th house lord of D1, moves to fourth house, the native will gain money through his mother and speculative ventures, sports etc.
2. Also, if the lord of 2nd house moves to 1st house, the native will gain money through self improvement and efforts.
3. If the lord of 9th of D1 moves to 8th in Bhav chalit, the native will gain wealth through lotteries, spiritual activities and in-laws during the period of 9th lord.
4. Similarly when the lord of 12th moves to 11th in bhav chalit, the native will gain through foreigners, foreign travels, spiritual upliftment of the soul etc.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...5

More examples:

6. When the combination forms in 8th house, the gains happens through sudden acquiring of wealth through in-laws or secret activities.

7. When the combination forms in 4th house, the money is gained through mother, real estate and vehicles.

8. When the combination occurs in 7th house, the money is acquired through one's spouse, partnership business etc.

9. When the combination happens in 12th house, the native will acquire wealth through foreign lands, long distance travels, foreigners or spiritual activities.

10. When the combination is in 6th house, you will gain money through your maternal uncles, enemies or providing service to the society.

All the above combinations that I have described in past 5 posts must be looked in D1 chart, D9 chart and also the D3 chart. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...4

In the previous post I said - It will get activated when the mahadasha and antardasa of planets involved starts. Even during the pratyantar dasha of the planets trigger such wealth gains. 

The next big question is how?

Well, this relates to the house or place where the dhan yoga is formed.


1. When dhan yoga is formed in 2nd house (then is it gain of money from family).

2. When it is formed in 5th house then money is gained through speculative business, children, sports etc.

3. When it is formed in the 9th house then money is gained through spiritual activities.

4. When it is formed in 11th house, the person gains through his friends, or career or senior siblings.

5. When the combination is formed in 3rd house the money is achieved through younger siblings and travels.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...3

Following also bring in the money in native's life but in a minor way:

1. Aspect of planets involving (1, 2, 5, 9, 11). 

This will happens when the lord of (1, 2, 5, 9, 11) aspect one of the lords of (1, 2, 5, 9, 11) but the other lord cannot see that lord back.

2. Aspect of one or more of the lords of (1, 2, 5, 9, 11) aspect a house together. 

This can happen when, e.g., Mars as lord of Aries ascendant aspects the 8th house and Venus from 2nd house also aspects the 8th house, a minor dhan yoga is formed.

Now the question is when does the dhan yoga gets activated?

It will get activated when the mahadasha and antardasa of planets involved starts. Even during the pratyantar dasha of the planets trigger such wealth gains. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...2

So, as you can very well imagine the dhan yoga (or the combinations of wealth) are formed when one or more of the masters of house 1, house 2, house 5, house 9 and house 11 are involved.

When the masters of the above house form a combination by any one of the following the dhan yoga is created:

1. Sitting in one of the houses (1, 2, 5, 9 or 11)

This will happen when the master or the lord of (1, 2, 5, 9 or 11) is sitting in (1, 2, 5, 9 or 11).

2. Mutual exchange of signs between 2 signs out of (1, 2, 5, 9 or 11)

This will happen when masters of (1, 2, 5, 9 or 11) will exchange signs together. Example:
9th house in 2nd and 2nd lord in 9th;
11th house in 5th and 5th lord in 11th;
1st lord in 9th and 9th lord in 5th


2nd lord in 9th, 9th lord in 11th, 11th lord in ascendant.

So, there can be several combinations, as you can see here, depending on permutations that you get out of (1, 2, 5, 9 or 11).

3. Conjunction with each other

Lords of (1, 2, 5, 9 or 11) sit together in any house. It is always better that they are together in (1, 2, 5, 9 or 11). It is also very good if the conjunction is formed in center or trine (1, 4, 5, 7, 9 or 10). 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...1

Dhan means money or wealth and it is most important thing in life if you want to live a good life, which all of us desire. But all people don't have it. You can easily check your chart for the presence of combinations of wealth in your chart. The houses which you must consider for these combinations must be understood first:

1. House 1 or the ascendant - As I have indicated in earlier posts, ascendant is most important house of your chart and the strength of ascendant lord determines a lot of stuff going on in your chart. 

2. House 2 (house of wealth) - Your savings, the money that you receive from your family (as will or gift)

3. House 5 - Children (see this as mother's (4th house's) wealth), speculative business, creativity, sports, art and academic activities. Also, good karma from previous birth.

4. House 9 - Luck, spirituality, higher learning etc.

5. House 11 - Gains (father's (10th house) money), fulfillment of desires, gains from your job profession.

to be continued....

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Following combinations also define accidents in some form:

1. If in the Leo ascendant Moon is present along with the Sun(master of Leo) and Rahu sits in 12th, it can define sudden severe accident, which can be life threatening.
2. Mars, Saturn and Ketu form a conjunction in 7th house of spouse in D1 or D9 chart then the native's spouse can commit suicide or have a fatal accident.
3. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars in 8th house in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius can cause accident by fire.
4. The Lord of 7th is present with Mars and Saturn (or under aspect of both if them), then an accident is inevitable.

Most of the time these accidents or mishaps can occur when the Mahadasa/Antardasa or Pratyantar of the the lords of 2nd, 6th, 7th or 8th house lords is going on.

All the above combinations that have been described above must be considered after noting the aspect/conjunction of benefics/yogkarakas/friends with the ascendant lord and/or the combination described.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Following factors can also indicate an accident in a chart:

1. If Ketu is debilitated it can give heart related ailment. Ketu is debilitated in Gemini (some texts say it is Taurus).
2. If Jupiter is with Mars in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo or Libra, it can cause a heart related operation.
3. Saturn, Mars and Ketu when conjunct in 8th house can give an accident on the road while traveling.
4. Moon and Rahu in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius under the aspect of Mars can cause problem when the native is in air.
5. The master of 8th, Rahu in 12th house under aspect of Mars may cause accident in air.

All the above combinations that have been described above must be considered after noting the aspect/conjunction of benefics/yogkarakas/friends with the ascendant lord and/or the combination described.

Friday, February 28, 2014


Most of the time the planets responsible for a typical accident can be:

1. Venus for accidents related to journeys.
2. Accidents from machines or iron objects are caused by Saturn.
3. Fire and explosives cause accidents when Mars triggers them
4. Accidents related to animals are caused by Saturn.
5. Sudden accidents are caused by Rahu.

Following also indicate accidents:

1. Saturn sitting in 6th house in Aries/Cancer/Leo/Scorpio (all ruled by enemies of Saturn - Mars, Moon and Sun) along with Ketu will give accident by an animal.
2. Mars is in 6th house and is being aspected by Saturn (Saturn must be in 4th, 9th or 12th) then you can be hurt by machinery or some iron object.
3. Mars with Saturn in 8th house can cause accidents from fire. This can happen especially on a Tuesday or a Saturday.
4. Fire can cause you hurt if in your chart if Mars is in 8th house of Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius (rules by enemies Mercury and Saturn) along with Sun.
5. If Moon is debilitated (in Scorpio) and Mars also sits there, person will fear water objects. The person with debilitated moon must be careful of water bodies.

All the above combinations that have been described above must be considered after noting the aspect/conjunction of benefics/yogkarakas/friends with the ascendant lord and/or the combination described.

to be continued...

Friday, February 14, 2014


Vedic Astrology can be used as a tool for knowing the forthcoming events of life. Most of us wait for good events in our life - School, Graduation, Marriage, Kids etc. But life is not always about happiness. Due to past deeds (Karma from the previous lives) diseases and accidents can happen. Again, I must reiterate that all the events of life must be judged based on a holistic view of all planets in a chart and the mahadasa, antardasa of planets involved. I have already mentioned some indications of good health, bad health and recovering from bad health in my previous posts. So, from today I will write on how to look for accidents in a chart.

Knowing about accidents is important because if we are aware of an upcoming event we can be prepared for that. Just imagine that you are not aware of today's weather. You go out and see that bright sun is out, taking toll of your skin. If you were aware of that fact earlier on, you can take an umbrella with you and save yourself from the severity of weather. Hence the pre-knowledge is important. It must not be used for causing the fear, but for getting in all precautions in time. 

For judging accidents in a chart, the most important houses are house 6 and house 8. Their significations are stated in the following posts:

Whenever the master of 6th house and 8th house are under some relation with a malefic (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Waning Moon), the accidents are inevitable to some extent. 

All the above combinations that have been described above must be considered after noting the aspect/conjunction of benefics/yogkarakas/friends with the ascendant lord and/or the combination described.

To be continued...