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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moon and Mental Disorders...6

10. Obsessive compulsive disorder - This is also a mental disorder. And this happens most of the time when people become obsessed with themselves. It happens mostly when Moon is very powerful (due to Paksha bal, as it is just opposite the Sun) but completely alone, without aspect of any benefic or any benefic in same or in adjacent houses. Such people, might be people's people but in fact they want the limelight a lot. They become egotists. The problem becomes severe when Sun is also weak. They would like to click their own snaps and change them again and again or share with friends and they do that very often. They want to be pampered. If the Moon under aspect of a malefics, this problem becomes more severe and may lead to Obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

11. Schizophrenia - it is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness. The native suffers with delusions and illusions and hallucinations. All the above indicated combinations when combined with other malefic aspects and conjunctions, produce such mental disorders. Following are some of the  combinations which designate natives suffering with schizophrenia:

a) Debilitated Moon (in Scorpio) in 1,5,9 house along with Ma, Saturn or Rahu/Ketu. This might get a relief if Jupiter is in center with respect with Moon and Venus gives neecha bhanga (cancelation of debilitation) to Moon, by being in houses 1,4,7,10.
b) Moon and Mercury in Scorpio in first house. Note that in such a case Moon will lack the paksha bal too (because Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from Sun, hence Sun will be close to Moon, so Moon will have lesser Paksha bal).
c) Debilitated Moon occurs in 12th house along with Saturn.
d) Saturn in house 1, Jupiter in house 12, Mars and Moon in 1,5, 9 house.

There are many more combinations but they depend on other planets, and not just Moon, for example - Mercury when under influence of Mars, Saturn and Rahu in 12th house can give mild hallucinations. If any of the above are also true, the person will actually loose control of his brain. One more thing to notice here is that I have not listed the beneficial effects of the combinations, for example, Moon+Ketu gives awesome intuition abilities. If this combination has aspects of a benefic such as Jupiter, the native will know before what good things are about to happen. If Mars or some other malefic aspects the combinations, the native will foresee bad events.

Another thing that I want to mention is that the whole chart must be seen holistically, for example, even if a person is born on Amawasya, the moon is in better state when exalted in Taurus, specially when Ve is close by. Also, in all the above cases, if Jupiter is giving its beneficial aspects to Moon, then the person will have a very good chance of recovering from the problem. This is far better when Jupiter sits with Moon, specially in the same nakshatra. Devaguru Jupiter always comes to the rescue of Moon! Why? Because Moon is primarily sattvic and Jupiter's main duty is to promote that! Therefor always look out of Jupiter+Moon combination (conjunction, aspect, exchange, square) in one's chart, it is the best combination to have, even if both or one of them are in enemies house! This combinations always promises many things to the native, however weak it is! 


  1. Hi,
    I came to your blog from light of vedic astrology forum.Just loved the info you share on the blog in a detailed manner.So i have bookmarked it.
    Please suggest remedies for weak moon.
    Again the doubt wearing gemstones like pearl or moonstone improves the moon in our chart?

  2. Dear Rituji, sorry for a late reply.
    You can find several remedies that I have given in earlier posts, but here I will give you 2 most quick ways to make your moon strong:
    1. Improve relations with your mother and with all women who are mother figures in your life, including aunts.
    2. Start having water in silver vessel. Advice this to as many people you can.
    3. Read the Bhagwadgeeta. It is not important to understand the meaning in the starting, but read the translation in your language as many times as possible. Repeat it many times. I have experimented this on myself and it works in amazing fashion. Read it for 40 days (several times) and you will notice your mind settling down. You will be amazed.
    4. Become a social person.

    Gemstones also work, but very slowly. You need a quick solution right?

    best regards,

    1. Namaste! Very kind, sincere, humanitarian reply! Thank you! :-)

  3. Hello sir,
    My mom has been suffering from schizophrenia sonce past 15 years. She is too stubborn and reluctant to do anything we ask her too. She has been taking medicines but failed to show any effect. Can you suggest anything that I can do so that I may see any improvement in her?
    Thanks in advance

  4. you can use pearl Gemstone for peace of mind and can look for other remedial measures on youtube for afflicted moon because your problem must be because of afflicted moon in birth chart. you can also see kRS video for afflicted moon.

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  6. Dear sir,

    I have Jupiter,moon,ketu in second house,saturn in 1st house,venus,mercury in 11th,sun,mars in 10th,rahu in 8th.i am mentally not stable,not able to keep my decision and determination.many times restless.would you please suggest me some way out.if required I am ready to go for your personal reading and prediction

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