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Friday, August 17, 2012

Pitru Dosh...2

General indications of Pitru Dosh are as follows:

1. The children of the home will not get settled easily.
2. The children will not get married, or the marriage will get delayed.
3. There will be lots of altercations in the home which is under Pitru Dosh.
4. If the children are married, they themselves will not have children easily, or there will be delays.
5. Family starts reducing slowly (due to less number of children taking birth with each passing generation).
6. The chart might be strong otherwise, but the planets will not give the fruits because of Pitru Dosh.
7. The reputation of family members gets harmed due to some reason.
8. Plants, animals will not survive in that house.
9. The head of the house gets diseases very often and the disease does not go easily.
10. Construction of some portion of the house stops midway.
11. If the roof and walls are very damp and have several visibile cracks and the dampness does not go after trying a lot, it indicates the Pitru Dosh.
12. If the walls of the home have Peepal leaves growing, it means that Pitru Dosh has crept in.
13. If food is cooked under the stairs (some people still live in such houses in India), Pitru Dosh creeps in.
14. If there is an open outlet of waste water (naali or sluice) at the main doors, the Pitru Dosh might be in that home.
15. Most members of family have problems related to stomach or blood.
16. There will be repeated miscarriages among women of the household. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pitru Dosh...1

Before you start reading this please note that Respected Mr. Pawan Sinha is organizing a Mahayagya for Pitru Dish Nivaran in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on Oct 15, 2012. Please use this opportunity:

I wanted to write on something else, but then I realized that this is one of the topics on which respected Mr. Pawan Sinha speaks a lot and often. So,  how does this occur in family and what are the ramifications of it, if present in one's chart - I will try to explore this in this series. I will also try to reiterate some of the remedies that I remember from Pawan Sinha'S lectures. I will also add some which I have read from other sources.

How does this occur in one's family?

There are many ways by which Pitru Dosh can occur. According to general information from various Puranas, Pitru Dosh occurs when the soul of our ancestors and departed forefathers does not get peace ( shanti ) due to any of the following reasons:

1. Bad deeds ( bad karma ) of our ancestors in earlier life, knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing their souls,
2. Bad deeds ( bad karma ) of children, knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing the soul of ancestors,
3. Lack of fulfillments of parental desires of our ancestors,
4. A sudden and unnatural death of any relative in early age,
5. If someone fails to remember and honour the ancestors properly,
6. If certain wishes are remained attached with the soul of the ancestors, etc.
7. If someone elder in the family or someone of the status of a Guru is insulted and thrown out of the home, the Pitru Dosh creeps in.
8. If the location of kitchen is under the stairs, and cooking has been practiced under it for years, Pitru Dosh occurs.
9. If there is an open waste-water outlet, which has an opening (not necessarily from which water goes in, it's just that waste water is visible) within the living room, and it has remained like that for years, Pitru Dosh happens.
10. Urinating on trees, specially Peepal, Banyan and Neem trees also sows the seeds of Pitru Dosh.
11. It is said in the ancient texts that Pitru Dosh occurs if any ancestors up to the 7th generation on the father’s side and up to the 4th generation on the mother’s side have expired at an early age or have had an unnatural death.

Our ancestors are not only our family members or relatives, but also our teachers, mentors, role models, friends, and Gurus, who have contributed to our welfare and growth in this or previous life. This creates an implied obligation on us to respect them and their parental desires and calls for following good deeds. If by any chance this is not followed by anyone, it may embarrass the souls of the ancestors, which, in turn, becomes Pitru Dosh.