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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Special Aspects of Outer Planets...3

Coming to Devaguru Jupiter, well, I have always laid importance of its presence in center. So, I will explain the special aspect of Jupiter with its presence in 1st house in Cancer where it is exalted. Some kids with this configuration will be born when Jupiter will be exalted from Jun 19, 2014 for one whole year. That will be a real good time for people born under Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio signs. The special aspect for Jupiter is explained in the below diagram.

So Jupiter showers its blessings over houses 1 (where it is located), house 5 (the house of children), house 7 (house of your spouse) and house 9 (house of luck). During the major/minor period of Jupiter and when Jupiter transits these houses, you can see special events such as birth of a child (house 5), marriage (house 7) or may be higher education (house 9). Well, actually if Jupiter is present in houses 1,4,5,7, 9,10 it does influence the native to go for higher studies and such a Jupiter takes care of several negative things which actually do not happen! Such is the blessing of the Devaguru. Also, When you will run through Jupiter major/minor period you might actually find a true adviser/Guru in your life, may be someone who will change the direction of the course of your life!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Special Aspects of Outer Planets...2

Coming back to special aspects. Well following holds true for Mars:

Mars aspects the fourth and the eighth house from its location besides the first and seventh. In that case, Mars will influence planets located in 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th houses and also the activities of that house, specially during its major/minor period and during transits through those houses. The below diagram can help you understand this concept better:

As you can see, Mars is present in house 1, numbered 8 because the ascendant is Scorpio. Hence it will influence all houses and planets in Scorpio (8), Aquarius (11), Taurus (7) and Gemini (3). We must also know that depending upon the sign the planet aspects, it aspects will be inimical or friendly. In the above example, Mars will actually negatively influence the first house positively (since it is the master of Scorpio), while it will mostly negative influence the other houses (4,7,8) since it is enemy to Saturn (Lord of 4th), Venus (Lord of 7th) and Mercury (Lord of 8th), unless otherwise influenced by any other planet. So, if you have above configuration in your chart (Mars located in first house in Scorpio), then during Mars major/minor period you can see positive influence with respect to your personality (indicated by first house) but negatively with respect to your Mother and Spouse (indicated by 4th and 7th house) and may be interest in occult (indicated by 8th house). One thing to keep in mind is that, even though Mars is influencing these houses and planets situated herein, the final result still lies with master of that house. So, in all above example, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are the final judge in giving you what you deserve. Actually, Mars might not be able to give its negative result if these planets are well placed!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Special Aspects of Outer Planets...1

I thought I will put forth some theory that I had read earlier. The outer planets namely Mars, Jupiter and Saturn lay special aspects. But before moving further I would like to state what does aspect mean? I have mentioned this term before too. Aspect means affect in the current context. Whenever a planet aspects another planet, it actually has the right to influence that planet. All the planets affect and influence the planets in the first house (where the planet is situated) and the seventh house. You have to count anti-clockwise (in the North Indian style of horoscopes) from the first house where the planet is situated and then count till 7.  For example in the below pic, Sun is located in house 1 (Aries ascendant, hence exalted), so it will influence(aspect) any planets present in Aries or Libra (7th house). It will also influence activities connected with that house (houses 1 and 7, I have written about them earlier). 

During the Sun major/minor period, the native will witness the influence of Sun on the activities of these houses too. Also, when Sun will transit through these houses, the native will witness the activities with respect to these houses.

More in the next post...