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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Communications by Mercury

Finally, I have come to Mercury, the planet which controls communications, sports, commerce & youth. A person with a good Mercury (when Me is in Gemini, Virgo, Leo) and is not very close to Sun, it gives brilliant results. Unfortunately, this planet stays close to Sun a lot. If in kendra in with Sun, it confers the rajyoga and makes the native saintly if present in house one. It makes the person good at mathematics & calculations. A good mercury confers the native with good education. It will make the native a born speaker & will give brilliant convincing capabilities. Such people will do well in the fields like Marketing & Sales, Academics. A good Me also gives very good technical skills. It will also make the native sportive & jovial. It makes the native workoholic if placed in Virgo. People who are born with Virgo or Gemini acendant tend to look younger than their peers.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The planet of vitality - Mars

The ways in which Mars can be strengthened(actually balance) are as follows:

1. Worship Lord Hanuman or Lord Karthikeyan.
2. Practice Chandra Tratak during Shukla Paksha (brighter moon period).
3. Drink lots of water.
4. Donate blood.
5. Indulge in sports & physical activities like exercising etc.
6. Do not indulge in smoking.
7. Do not eat red meat (which shows blood).
8. Develop good relationships with siblings, specially brothers.
9. Wear chappals in home.
10. Donate red bricks to labourers.
11. Treat respectfully the people of worker class/subordinates etc.
12. In the morning after waking up, put some mud on your forehead.
13. Read the Vishnu Puran sitting on the ground, but not touching it.
14. Donate land!
15. Donate land for temples or worshipping places.
16. Refrain from urinating etc. on bare ground.
17. Eat eatables which increase/clean blood in our bloodstream.

A well placed Mars is very important for a stable marriage, specially if a person is of Virgo or Gemini ascendant, Ma should be placed well, otherwise Ma will surely present disruptive sitautions. In that case, the couple should take bricks (8-10) and bury them in deep ground. If Ma is exalted in 7th OR with Sun in 7th own house, the person will refrain from getting married & will end up deciding against any relationships. In that case, the person actually needs to weaken her Mars. This can done by all of the above but do the opposite of number 9. Do not wear chappals in home.

Mars gives really good results for ascendants Cancer & Leo, since it is rajyogkarak for them, even though when it is debilitated. If Ma is placed in 9th, the person will flourish after 32. If Rahu is placed with Mars, it reduces its malefic affects.

Mars give good results when with Moon or Sun. Specially with Moon it forms the Chadra Mangal yog. This indicates landed properties, reputation, and wealth for the native. But the native should drive her energies in the right direction. It is formed when Ma is conjunct Mo either by aspect or by exchange.

Next one gonna be about Mercury, the master of communications & youth!