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Friday, December 11, 2009

Your Main Planet

Shree Ganeshay Namah
I am back again trying to share the knowledge that I have gained over the past 8-9 months. Even though I am just a neophyte in this business (not commercial) of horoscope reading, I have been quite successful in bringing hopes & smiles back on the faces of dismal people. Yes, my predictions are, kind of, coming true. I am happy that God gave me this gift of learning things related to Astrology so quickly!

Coming back to horoscopes, I am a North Indian, hence I have learnt this style. The South Indian style, even though the original style as indicated by the older texts, has been abandoned by North Indians long ago.

The North Indian horoscope consists of 12 boxes containing numbers (representing the zodiac signs). The number written in upper central box denotes your Lagna Rashi(ascendant) & its master is your main planet. The Main Planet (or the Mukhya Graha) actually represents you as a person! Its strength will denote how successful, good-looking you will be in your life. The planets situated in first box + the planets aspecting(what it means will come later on) it, will also have a deep influence on the individual. 

For each of the Zodiacs I have listed below the main planet hence:-

1. Aries (1) and Scorpio (8) - Mars
2. Taurus (2) and Libra (7) - Venus
3. Gemini (3) and Virgo (6) - Mercury (the above example)
4. Cancer (4) - Moon
5. Leo (5) - Sun
6. Sagittarius (9) and Pisces (12) - Jupiter
7. Capricorn (10) and Aquarius (11) - Saturn

The number in bracket indicates the sign which is present in upper center. For example, the given chart has Mercury as the main planet. If number 7 or 2 were written in the upper center, then the main planet would have been Venus.

The Main planet is bound to give good results to you unless it is extremely badly placed or debilitated (I will come to this later). You should always try to strengthen your main planet if you wanna be extremely successful in your life!
An important point, if your main planet is present within the sign e.g. main planet is Jupiter residing in Sagittarius Lagna or just opposite to it (in Gemeni), that person is bound to be extremely lucky (lest some major defect in horoscope affecting adversely). E.g. Sachin Tendulkar is born with Virgo ascendant with Mercury (its master) in Pisces aspecting it.
Bye for now, God Bless & take care!


  1. Hi Vikas Ji can u tell me what would be my Mukya Graha as u said the Lagna asc. lord will be the Main Planet, Mukhya Graha. But I tried comparing the DOB of sum people given on Tez Aaj Tak , Mr. Pavan Sinhas PROGRAMME. and the Mukya grahs he told was different as compared to the charts ASCENDANT Lord. I am much eager to know how to find mukya graha from birth chart. Can u let know for 28th May 1974, MumBAI, 16.47 PM

  2. Your main planet is Venus. Extremely sorry for a very late reply. I have just restarted with my blog.

  3. Hi Vikas,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to layman like us. I appreciate all your efforts.

    Can you please tell me my Mukha Graha and my Isht dev?

    My DoB 16th Oct. 1978.
    Time: 11:04 PM
    Place:Ulhasnagar, Dist Thane, Maharashtra.

    I would be highly grateful to you.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Dilipji,

    Believe me, I am also a layman and just trying to disseminate what I have learnt so far. And thanks a lot for all the good words.

    Your main planet is Mercury and Atmakaraka planet is Sun, hence your Ishtadev must be Sun God. You can also worship Lord Shiv (based on discussion at

    It seems that you are having problems (health?) since late 2008, even though you have a very promising chart (Jupiter exalted and Venus in own house).


  5. Hey Vikas,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I hope, I can learn some modesty from you. :)

    I had met an astrologer in India, he had said my isht dev is Shree Hanuman.

    He had his own temple of Hanumanji and used to ask people to come their and do abhishek.. but he never used to ask for money and it has helped me alot to prosper in my career life. I always used to wonder, did he said me isht dev as Hanumanji just to bring all of us to his temple.?!

    Touchwood! I don't have any health problems, maybe worse condition of acidity nothing else other than that.

    Thank you so much for your swift reply :)

    I loved your other blog as well. you write so good. I could visualise all the love story.

    Take care n Stay Blessed


  6. Dear Dilipji,
    Thanks a lot once again for all the praises for my blogs and me. Your encouraging words are golden for me. As you can see this topic of determining Ishta Dev always confuses me so I try to re-read the post as I mentioned earlier.
    It's is really nice to know you are having great health and doing good in life. It means that Ju and Ve are helping you a lot! May Hanumanji grant you all the success you desire!


  7. Hi Vikas

    Can you tel me my main planet and Ist devata in my kundli

    My DOB is 07 Jan 1982 time 00:25AM Place Mumbai

    I am more concern on my job career alot....

  8. HI Ashish,

    Your main planet is Mercury which is getting weak in D9. Your Sun is also weak.
    Strengthen your Sun and Mercury for better results. leave all non-veg and smoking if you do, immediately.


  9. Hello vikas,

    first of all, I must appreciate your efforts!!
    I would like to know about my main strong and weak planet of my chart.
    Basically want to know about wealth factor in coming future.
    For this you may need to have my D.o.B, which is 17th october 1989.Please suggest.

  10. Thanks 'a'. Besides the date of birth, I would need the time and place of birth.


    1. Pritesh Kumar
      18 November 1984
      5:10 pm
      Purnea, Bihar

      Who is my isht dev / devi and main planet.

    2. Pritesh Kumar
      18 November 1984
      5:10 pm
      Purnea, Bihar

      Who is my isht dev / devi and main planet.

  11. pls tell me who is my isht god, will i get govt job and want to be an IES?
    DOB 04/09/1990
    TIME 8:10 AM

  12. Hi Shivam,

    Firstly I am not a professional astrologer so I can't really guess your Ishta Dev with complete confidence. Your main planet is Mercury and most probably your Ishta Dev is Lord Vishnu. You can land up in government job but I am not sure of of IES. Work very hard for that. Your job will involve communication with people and also technical creativity. All the Best...V.

    1. hello Vikas
      i am very much satisfied with your answer,i have natural inclination towards sri ram.
      Will you tell me after how much time there is a condition of luck starts for me ....time for 'BHAGYODYA' ?

    2. Hi Shivam...actually your good time has already started. You will gain mostly from your elder siblings and through network of your friends. You will have a better period starting March 2017 when you will start your Ju-Ve dasa. You will gain most when you are in south west from your birthplace (specially far from birthplace). Better days come in when you turn 33.
      Drink water in silver vessel and do remedies for Moon and Mercury.


    3. hello vikas,
      i agree with you but till now i didn't have a job, i want to do only govt job.I have recently completed my I am very thankful to u if u suggest me the remedies for moon or some extra required? for mercury i have recently worn a 6.25 ratti panna. can you tell me the period when I am able to get the govt job.
      thanks a lot for your reply

  13. Hello Vikas,
    I am Sanil Bhosale from Mumbai I want to know my Main Planet & Ishta Dev, birth details are as follows:
    Name:- Sanil R. Bhosale
    Date of Birth:- 01- October- 1986
    Time Of Birth:- 21:56
    Place of Birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

    Wating for your reply
    Good Day!!

  14. Hi Sanil,

    Your main planet is Venus and your yogkaraka is Saturn. In my humble opinion your ishta dev must be Lord Shiv (or his incarnation Hanumanji). You can also worship Durga Maa. It will be good if you read my post on Child Birth...10. In that I have explained how to determine the Inshta dev.


    1. hello vikas
      there is no reply to my last question... pls answer it??

  15. Hello Vikas,
    I did like to know my main planet.My Details:
    Name: sou
    Time: 04:20
    Place: 16N27, 81E40
    My ishta devta is lord shiv but i chant narayana mostly may be of vishnu yoga present in my chart.Though jupiter is exalted in 11th house and venus in 2nd house of its own not helping me as i am trying for a job since many yrs so searching ways.Thank you and god bless you.

  16. Hi Sury...can you please gimme the place. I am not sure, but my s/w is not showing Ju in 11th house.


    1. Narsapur,Andhra Pradesh,India

  17. hello sir
    My dob is 2-08-1989 time 4:00pm place gurdaspur punjab.
    Which is my mukhya grah and isht.

  18. Sir, with respect i am not a regular on this blog but found the content very informational and eye opener....kindly tell me main planet and isht dev and job suited to me best....
    rishabh jain
    3.40 am

  19. Hello,

    Your blog is a brilliant piece of work and I wish the best to you for the future.

    I have a few queries about my own.

    My birth details are as follows:

    26th November 1990
    00:49 or (12:49 am - night)

    I am interested to know about my Ishta Deva, main planet.

    I have a job in the IT sector but want to switch to oilfield & Petroleum. I have been applying for a long time in several companies without any positive response. Please guide me on this.

    I also have a dark spot behind the middle finger of my right hand. Please suggest any solutions.

    Thank you.

  20. vikash ji

    i also want to know my main plante nad ist dev,

    my dob 15/11/1980 10 :34 AM lucknow

  21. hello vikas sir my dob is 28-aug-1992
    12:50PM at rampur please tell my iesht dev & main planet

    1. as well as my Lagna Rashi(ascendant) & its master

  22. I must say that I am very impressed with your blog and its simplicity.Please advise your mail id so as I can take some advise from you.
    Thanks & Regards

  23. Dear Vikas Ji,

    I am a bit confused about my mukhya graha and isht dev. Could you please help me?
    My details are:

    DOB- 12/09/1974
    Time- 16.10


  24. Namaste Sir,
    I would be grateful to you if you could kindly suggest me my ISHT DEV and MUKHYA GRIHA. Please also suggest the remedies to appease them. I shall remain indebted to you. My birth details are: April 24, 1977 at 11:10 AM in New Delhi.
    Thanks and Regards

  25. hello sir,my birth details are, 28.1.79, place : kalyan, time 12:59 p.m... i would be grateful if you can kindly help me with my query, plz tell me my isht dev, my mukhya grah and the remedies to appease them. facing financial problems, no love respect attachment from family members including my own parents.....what should i do to gain all this....plz help if you can.

    1. Res. Sir, My daughter's DOB is
      29 Oct 2010, Time - 10:18 am, Birth place: Ambala (Haryana). Please tell me Mukhya grah and ishta devta and also ways to strengthen them. Kindly Also tell about her overall education and career
      Sir she is very stubborn in nature. If you can pls email me on

  26. DOB-01/04/1982
    BIRTH TIME:2:37 PM

  27. Sir my dob is 16/05/1976
    place: Indore (M.P.)
    time:8:50 AM
    sir kindly tell me my main planet and isht dev
    upay for current dasha



  28. sir my dob is 11/11/1964
    place:vijayawada(andhra pradesh)
    time:01.30 P.m
    sir kindly tell me what is my ishta devtha to worship.iam confusing last 25 years.i worshiped so many gods and godess.
    yours truely vinamra

  29. HELLO SIR,

    MY DOB:27-05-1971
    TIME:09:10 AM
    PLACE of BIRTH :ALIGARH (Uttar Pradesh)
    Please tell me following:

    1.What is my "MUKHYA GIRAH"?
    2. Who is my "ISHT DEV"?


  30. sir
    my dob is : 10/12/ 1964
    time : 4.05 am
    place : mumbai

    pls. tell me about my mukhya graha and istadevta and any other pooja/remedies as i am into lot problems from the last 20yrs.

  31. Dear Vikas,
    which astrology like parashar, lalkiatab ,bhrigu samhita etc. as there are many should be followed or which is the most reliable or authentic one.

  32. Hello vikas
    my dob is 29-10-1985
    Time is -10:40 am
    place -bhopal
    can you please tell me the main planent and also how to make it strong...

  33. Hello vikas
    my dob is 29-10-1985
    Time is -10:40 am
    place -bhopal
    can you please tell me the main planent and also how to make it strong...

  34. Dear Vikas

    MY DOB:26/10/1973
    please tell me the main planent and ishta deva

  35. Dear Vikas , my date of birth is 18 March 1986 , time - 08:18 AM , Place - Delhi . Kindly tell me ny main planet and my isht . Your help will be highly appreciated . Thank you ......

  36. My DOB - 9th Nov, 1979, time - 12.02 am, Mumbai, Maharastra - Inida - tell me about my career

  37. My DOB - 9th Nov, 1979, time - 12.02 am, Mumbai, Maharastra - Inida - tell me about my career

  38. Hi Vinay,

    First of all thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.

    My DOB is 29th Jan 1983 Time is 2:35 am

    please let me know my Mukhya Grah and Isht Dev, I am having alot of Health problems in 2015.Please reply what I need to do to get my Life smooth.

  39. Mr. V, Are you still there ? JUst want to see if you can be consulted for my HOroscope.

  40. Sir kindly inform me about my ishtdev
    date of birth 26/11/1988
    time 11:07pm
    place patiala

  41. Hi

    My main planet is mars. What are the remedies. Also I have shani in 3rd house, what should I do for same

  42. Hello vikas ji
    My name :ronal Kumar
    Dob: 7/10/1983
    Place: Kanpur
    Want to know my mukhya grah and isht dev

  43. Pranam Vikasji,

    I have shown my kundli to many jyotishi's. Now Im intrested in astrology. I have lot of quries.

    I want to contact you regarding Mukhya Graha & Kundli.

    Can you Please share me your whatts-up no. So that I can learn something good from you.


  44. Sir my date DOB is 01/01/1979 time 00:40:00 (24 hrs) Birth place mumbai. Please let me my main planet/mukhya grah

  45. Sir my dob is 7 aug 1992 time is 2:30 a.m. .sir plz tell me tht which is my mukhya graha and it is weak or strong.
    Thank u

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