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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Houses of your Vedic chart...ascendant...1

I have discussed several topics and from today I will discuss the twelve houses of the vedic charts. Each of the 12 houses have their own significations and give results to the native based upon the location of master of the house. Most of the time, if the Lord of a house is present in center (houses 1,4,7,10) then the planet will give at least some good results to the native even if the planet is enemy/malefic for the ascendant. The same is true when the planet is present in trine (1,5,9). 

The first house is called the ascendant or Lagna. The Lord of the Ascendant is called the Main Planet (mukhya grah). Ascendant is the zodiac sign which rises in the east when the child is born. As per the North Indian Vedic Astrology, the planets move anti-clockwise in a chart, but the zodiac signs move clockwise. Hence, if at 8 AM in the morning Capricorn is rising then at 10 AM we might have Aquarius/Pisces rising (depending on time for Capricorn to completely rising). For more details on the main planet, visit the following link:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marriage and its Stability...4

9. If you have access to you D60 chart (if you can make your chart using JHora software) then following can be considered:

Note - D60 chart actually shows the things that you are bringing in to your current life from your past life. The time of your chart must be accurate if you need an accurate D60.

a) If with Moon, Rahu/Ketu are present, then your marriage will be unstable in this life because of external factors/people. For example, there might be people who don't want to see you happy together, so they will cause misunderstandings between you are and your partner and they will be successful to some extent. You need to eliminate such elements from your life, and you will hence be happy!

b) If in a boys chart he has a weak Venus (in enemies house or debilitated), it means that he misbehaved with his wife (due to N reasons), so he must be compensate with his current partner in this life. In such case he must need to change himself.

c) Similarly in a girl's chart, if she has a weak Mars and/or Jupiter, she must have misbehaved/done wrong to her partner in previous life. So, now is the time for her to rectify herself!

So, you can see that there are several combinations which can destabilize a relationship. But if you are really serious about your married life, you can strengthen your lord of 7th house and also Ve, Ma or Ju as applicable to gain confidence in your relationship! All the best!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Marriage and its Stability...3

7. If in a girl's D9 chart she has a good Mars and/or Jupiter (own house, exalted or in friend's house), however big problems she is facing with her partner, things will finally settle down and bring in happiness in her life.

8. Similarly in a boys chart, even if his Venus is weak in D1, if Ve is showing gain in strength in D9 chart (own house, exalted or in friend's house), then definitely, things will turn out to be good as the time will pass.

Now, it does not mean that you have a weak Venus, Mars or Jupiter, they cannot be strengthened. Following are the posts that you can revisit:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Marriage and its Stability...2

4. If the master of 7th house in D1 chart is weak, but in D9 it is strong, OR, the master of 7th house in D9 chart is strong, then the marriage might initially have some ups and downs, but slowly things will settle down.

5.In a girl's chart it is strength of Mars and Jupiter that actually determines the stability in marriage, besides the lord of 7th house. Same thing is valid for boys. They must have a good Venus such that their marriage is stable and they get support from their wife.

6. Just to take an example, if someone has Cancer ascendant, and with Mars sitting in first house, then the native will not feel settled in his/her married life till he/she turns 32. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Marriage and its Stability...1

Even though the subject says about stability, I will write also about the combinations of successful and happy marriages. It does not matter whether whether you had a love marriage or an arranged marriage, you can seek happiness in your marriage/relationship, because everyone deserves to be happy. All relationships have problems, mainly because there are two individuals involved, with two opinions on a single point of attention, so it is normal to have problems in married life, but finally something which can help you is your faith in each other and also, love for each other!

I am not going to talk about separation here!

Now percolating down to combinations which give a stable and happy marriage; they are as follows:

1. The strength of master of Lord of 7th house is biggest determiner as far as happiness in marriage is considered. 

2. If the master of 7th house is weak, in an enemy's house, under influence of malefic planets, definitely, you are going to see problems in your relationships in general, specially in love relationships.

3. If the master of 7th house is in 6th house (12th from 7th) or in 12th house, then it will bring at least some loss in your married life. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Combinations of Arranged Marriages...2

4. Mostly, an arranged marriage happens when the Lord of ascendant does not have any relationship with Lord of 7th house. This actually means that they must not be together in single house, must not aspect each other mutually, and must not be in exchange (which means that Lord of ascendant in 7th house and Lord of 7th house in ascendant). 

5. When the lord of the ascendant is in 9th house, lord of 9th house is in 10th house with 10th lord  and the 7th lord in 11th house then an arranged marriage takes place.

6. If lord of the ascendant is in 6th house in an exalted state and the lord of 6th house is in ascendant with the lord of 10th house then also an arranged marriage takes place for the native.

7. All the combinations must also be checked with D9 chart too.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Combinations of Arranged Marriages...1

Previously I have written posts on Love Marriage and its combinations. Following are the posts:

Now, since I have addressed this with so much of sincerity, methinks I must also address the combinations of Arranged Marriages too, which are still quite prevalent too, specially in India! So, with the marriage season on, and the new year commencing, here I go...

Also, note one more thing, even if you have got a very good partner in your love marriage, the factors on which the stability and happiness of individuals in the marriage depends on, they are completely different from the factors (or planets) which influence your marriage. This is one basic reason people complain that after marriage - 'you have changed'. I will write on that in later post.

1. None of the combinations in the above 4 posts must exist, sans the romance part, when your Venus aspects the 5th house or 11th house house of your chart! It only gives you temporary romance, unless supported by master of 7th, which can convert the relationship into love marriage! 

2. As said in the above posts, it is the master of 7th house which has the final say in your marriage prospects. We must also consider the lordship of 7th house of your D9 (Navamsha) chart. 

3. If the Lord of 7th house is in 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house, 11th house or ascendant,  then an arranged marriage takes place.