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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moon and Medicines

No...I am not going to discuss the remedies for Moon out here or any medicines associated thereof. I just wanted to tell that Moon is one planet which gives natural inclination towards chemistry and chemicals. And chemicals (natural and man-made) are used for making medicines. Someone who has a good Moon, preferably in first house or 10th house will give the native a propensity towards medicines/chemicals. A person with good moon will always be good in Chemistry and Biology (specially Botany). If Jupiter is involved the medicines will mostly be natural and the native will be involved in chemistry of natural substances. For example a doctor of Ayurvedic medicines will have a good Moon, Jupiter and may be Sun too. If Saturn get involved with Moon or aspects it, the native will have inclination towards Homeopathy, Allopathy etc. That's why in a doctor's chart, these 3 planets must form a combination. Mercurians (people with Virgo and Gemini ascendant) have a strong inclination towards profession of doctors. Now, if Mars also comes along to play some role, the doctor will become a good Surgeon too. 

On the whole for becoming a doctor, you need to have a good Moon, Saturn, Jupiter (ensuring higher education) and Mercury (Mercury will also help in cracking the competition). 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Moon...Affirmatives...3

5. A carefree attitude to life - Awesome! Who wants that? Everyone, right? A free mind with no worries. No fear about anything in this world! Well this mostly happens when Moon combines with Jupiter in a friendly sign, specially if it close to full Moon! Believe me, most lucky people are only those who have a cool mind, which does not have worries. I have seen people who have Moon in Cancer with such an attitude. Actually if you believe in the almighty and have decided to leave everything to God, you will tend to be like this. Because you know whatever happens is God's will, so why worry. But it is not easy to have such a mind. Our minds are not conditioned in that fashion. Actually this is the way the Bhagwadgeeta works. It slowly instills in you that everything is done by Lord Krishna, and believe me more you believe in that book, more you will feel that your mind is getting lighter, that's why I have said so many times that reading this particular book does wonders. So when are you starting on making yourself carefree? I mean reading the Geeta? Just try this experiment, if it is negative tell me. I am all ears.

Note that being cool-minded is one thing and being careless is other. There is a thin line between the two and only spirituality can help you in not-crossing this line. 

Also note that in Vedic Astrology we have Moon sign. It is evident from the above points that Moon actually governs our mind and hence it gives you the traits of the planet's sign in which it is present. E.g. if present in Aries it fills your mind with adventures, if in Capricorn it will give you a propensity towards public service, if in Gemini it will make you talkative and also interested in books, in Cancer it makes you very social, in Leo it gives you royal outlook etc etc. So, strengthening moon is extremely important because it improves your mind and hence it encourages you to take those things seriously that might belong to your moon sign.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Moon...Affirmatives...2

2. Luck - A person will be lucky in general. Now, this does not mean that you will get everything in your life and that you will be Bill Gates, no! But you will yourself feel that something intervened and something that was not coming to you easily, actually just came in front of you suddenly.

3. Social Life - The person will have lots of friends. Now this also depends upon the sign and the nakshatra (the constellation) in which Moon is present. For example, a person has moon in Leo, the person will have royal outlook to life. If Moon is in Sagittarius (but not in Mool nakshatra), the person will have an adventurous outlook and will have interest in books in general. Being said the the Leo guy will have friends from upper strata of society, while the Sagi guy will have friends from all stratus of society. Moon must be good in paksha bal too. Besides this a person with a good Moon will be capable of becoming a public figure easily. If a person is born on full Moon specially, that person can convince people to his whims easily. That person will have the ability to perform in public without a hitch.

4. Water loving - A good moon will make a person love water. Yes, they will love rain, rivers, sights of seas etc. However, if moon is present in Mars's sign - Aries and Scorpio, the person might well be averse to water bodies. Why? Well Mars is fiery sign, and what can destroy fire? Right, it's water. There might be some compensation if Jupiter comes to rescue of his great friend Moon. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Moon...Affirmatives...1

Methinks I have talked negative enough about Moon. The reason is that most people have a weak moon. May be because most of us have become selfish. A person with a good Moon will always be selfless and very social person, always ready to help others and that too without expecting anything in return. How many of  you know such people? Following are some of the trait a person will have who has a good Moon (please remember that one or more of these qualities might be present in a person along with negative traits that come from a weak moon, so this is a very subjective discussion that how weak/strong a person's moon is, so take care):

1. The person will be very attached to his/her mother. This is the trait of people who have Moon in 4th house. If Jupiter combines the relationship is very strong and the person will share a lot with his/her mother. The relationship is NOT one way. The mother will be equally responsive. She will be more like a friend than a parent. So, in case you have your Moon in 4th (even though it is in Mars's sign - Aries or Scorpio), and you don't feel attached to your mother - it's high time that you start regretting it. You desperately needs your mother's blessings to raise the peace of mind and whatever your need in your life. Now is the time. It does not mean only a 4th house Moon gives good relationships with mother. Whenever Moon is that of full Moon, along with or aspected by Matrakaraka planet, you will have a good mother. Besides this a Jupiter-Mars combination gives an understanding mother.