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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Navamansha Chart - D9...1

The Navamansha chart or the D9 chart is the most important chart after the basic birth chart D1. For getting an accurate navamansha chart we need to have exact date and time of birth along with the place of birth. A navamansha chart changes after every 15 minutes, hence the above requirement. Navamansha means the the 9th part (navam - 9th; ansha - part). It is formed when we open up the 9th house of a basic birth chart. Now what is the importance of 9th chart? You can read it here:

Hence the D9 chart also indicates everything that is indicated by the 9th house. So we can summarise that the D9 chart indicates the following:

1. Your luck in general
2. Your spiritual inclination
3. Your spouse (7th house of D9 is seen for spouse's general nature and propensities)
4. Latter part of your life (after 35)
5. Your life after marriage (also timing of marriage)
6. The real strength of the planets in your chart
7. Neecha Bhanga (cancellation of debilitation of a planet)
8. Will a native be able to learn all lessons related to current life that his/her soul has set for him /her.

Most of the time all other divisional charts are in agreement with D1 and D9 charts. For example, if you wish to determine one's career, it can be seen through one's D1 chart's 10th house. Now this will be in agreement with D9's 10th house and D10's 10th house. Similarly we need to see the D3 chart for happiness in one's life, again D1 and D9 will be in agreement. Hence, you can understand the significance of D9 chart.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...6

In an earlier post I had indicated that - Dhan yoga will get activated when the mahadasha and antardasa of planets involved starts. Even during the pratyantar dasha of the planets trigger such wealth gains. 

Well, in that sense, we must also consider the bhav chalit chart also. A bhav chalit chart is used mainly when we have to look for the result of a mahadasa, antardasa or pratyantar dasa. Most of the time, the planets stay in the same house or move backwards (one house back) in the bhav chalit chart. When you have a look at your chart, note that it is the house with respect to the what the planet moving will give results and not with respect to sign it moves to. 

This can be understood as following:

Consider that you have Mercury in Virgo in 3rd house and Mercury dasa is about to start for a native. In his/her bhav chalit chart, Mercury moves to 2nd house, hence the the native will gain money via his/her younger siblings and the gain will be really good since the Mercury is in own house. The result will be gain of money (2nd house) and not of authority (signified by Leo). 

Hence, since we have 5 houses 1, 2, 5, 9, 11 to consider we can have following considerations:

1. As described above, if in the bhav chalit chart the 5th house lord of D1, moves to fourth house, the native will gain money through his mother and speculative ventures, sports etc.
2. Also, if the lord of 2nd house moves to 1st house, the native will gain money through self improvement and efforts.
3. If the lord of 9th of D1 moves to 8th in Bhav chalit, the native will gain wealth through lotteries, spiritual activities and in-laws during the period of 9th lord.
4. Similarly when the lord of 12th moves to 11th in bhav chalit, the native will gain through foreigners, foreign travels, spiritual upliftment of the soul etc.