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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recovering from bad health...2

Greater period/sub period of a favorable planet - If you have been going through bad health for quite some time, just look for the coming periods. If the coming periods are that of your ascendant lord (which is located well and is strong), or of the yogkaraka planets or of a friendly planet, then general recovery is indicated for the native from the long time disease. Refer to the following table:

Ascendant Sign Planet which is yogkaraka
Aries ----
Taurus Saturn
Gemini ----
Cancer Mars
Leo Mars
Virgo ----
Libra Saturn
Scorpio ----
Sagittarius ----
Capricorn Venus
Aquarius Venus
Pisces ----

E.g. if the period/sub period for Saturn is beginning for the person with Taurus/Libra ascendant then good health/recovery is indicated.

Besides the above, if there is a favorable transit (for the ascendant/ascendant Lord) is going on. The above table is valid for transits also. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Recovering from bad health...1

It does not matter how you have your benefic planets are placed, because sometime or the other malefic planets come in action and cause havoc in life. They bring in bad health, diseases and hence bring life to a stand still. presence of good health indicators can definitely improve conditions. Note the following:

1. Strong lord of the ascendant - This is a very strong indication of how much and how quickly a person can recuperate from his/her bad health.

2. Strength of the Lord of 6th house - sixth house is house of diseases. For more details read the blog post from March 20, 2013. If 6th lord is healthy/strong the person will enjoy awesome recovering power.

3. Jupiter's aspect to the ascendant lord or the ascendant also brings in good recovering power.

4. Presence of a friend/benefic along with ascendant Lord or aspecting the ascendant Lord also indicates quick recovery.