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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Moon

The Sun, besides bestowing a native with reputation, fame & visibility, also gives him a brilliant concentration, a powerful immune system & strong sense of literature and arts.

As I have heard from astrologers, praying to the Sun via the Gayatri Mantra actually repairs all the planets. I mean to say that all the bad guys (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu etc) do not disturb the native if one worship Sun by Gayatri Mantra.

Moving on to Moon now. Moon or Chandra as said in Vedic astrology, is the planet of coolness. I have witnessed people with Cancer ascendant to be extremely cool & contented with life. They are pretty satisfied with things in their lives. They are not very striving if the ascendant is not aspected by some other planet like Mars or Mercury which actually push a native to work hard. When the planet Moon or the ascendant Cancer is aspected by some bad guy, the coolness moves to carelessness. A weak or debilitated Moon(in Scorpio) will bring unhappiness & loss of coolness. If the Moon does not have a planet with it, or aspecting it (say Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn), it is weak. If Moon does not have any planet before or after it, again it is weak. If Moon is aspected by Rahu or Ketu, it brings unnecessary worries & lack of stable mind to the native!

Moon is extremely strong when the birth takes place on the full moon day! It can alone ward off other evils of the horoscope, alone! It is also strong during Shukla Paksha (brighter moon cycle). If the native is born in Krishna Paksha, the moon get bad, but if it is accompanied by some good guy - Jupiter, Mercury, Venus or is aspected by them, it turns to good!

Moon is natural benefactor of luck. A good moon gives extreme satisfaction to the native. If well placed with Jupiter, it will take the native to the heights of spirituality.

Tomorrow, I will tell you more about Moon & how to strengthen it!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sun God

Methinks, in my last post I forgot to indicate the bhavas (houses in horoscope). Have a look at the image. The house where 9 is written is first bhav. Move on

anti-clockwise to each of the house till you reach 8, that is 12th house. Hence, in the given example House 1 - 9 (Sagittarius), House 2 - 10 (Capricorn), House 3 -
11(Aquarius) on House 12 - 8 (Scorpio). Now, 9, 12,3,6 signs of the given horoscope comprise the Kendra!
From today onwards, I will start off with each of the planets & give inputs how we can strengthen it! I will also give a brief idea about the traits of people who are
governed by the respective planet!
Starting off with Sun:
Any person born with Leo sign on ascendant (first house) has Sun as its main planet! If the Sun is not in Libra (debilitated), Taurus, Capricorn,Aquarius (enemy planet signs), it will give good results! Such people have leadership qualities and are fond of art & literature! Most important, if well placed, Sun will make the native extremely visible wherever the person goes! To strenthen the Sun, following can be undertaken! Anyone who desires status & recognition, has unfavourable relations with father/paternal uncles, higher authorities, goverment should take up the following(besides those having Leo ascendant):
1. Perform Surya sadhana (worship) every morning. It is not necessary to take bath and all, just be fresh. Take a garland of RAKTACHANDAN with 108 beads.
Chant Gayatri Mantra looking towards the rising Sun. Smile while looking towards Sun. Within 40 days you will realize the difference in you! If not continue for 160
days! Try to wear bright red clothes(or white) while doing this.
2. Chant the Gayatri Mantra/any Surya mantra( standing under a Banyan tree!
3. Offer water to Sun using a Copper vessel. The water should contain preferably - Red Chandan & red flowers, if possible. The water should drop as if the rays of Sun
should fall on you passing thru the water. The water should either drop on muddy ground (so that it dries off in earth) or in a vessel(which shoul dthen be poured off
on any tree with fruits and flowers). The water should NOT touch anyone's feet or so!
4. Do Surya Tratak (gazing at rising Sun). Search on for details(
5. Try to build good relations with Father or any fatherly figure in life. Gift him bamboo stick (used for walking) on Sunday.
6. Share things with your father. Have warm sweets (jalebees) and milk with dad, specially on Sunday.
7. During the brighter moon (Shukla Paksha), on each Saturday night put 2 pieces of almonds in water. Next morning on Sunday, peel off the brown cover, give it to
your dad to eat.
8. Avoid burning stick incence (agar-batti) at home. Instead use dhoop-batti (it does not have bamboo sticks).
9. Have your dinner by 8 pm in the evening at the most. This will also improve the status of your stomach.
10. Wash your eyes 3-4 times with water daily. Fill your mouth with water & then wash your eyes by splashing water onto them around 15 times at a time!
The first 4 give relatively quick results, bringing in greater concentration & good relations with superiors & father along with recognition. Other bring results slowly!
One should try to take on the above for atleast 3-5 years for best results. Continue for a lifetime if possible. I might come up with more in the coming days!

Highs & Lows of planets

I am really sorry for being a bit late this time, in writing this account! Just got too
busy with life!
Today I will tell the highs & lows of the planets. They are as follows:
Sun - Aries (high), Libra (low), Leo(own & mool-trikona)

Moon - Taurus (high & mool-trikona), Scorpio(low), Cancer (own).
Mars - Capricorn(high), Cancer (low), Aries & Scorpio (own), Aries (mool-trikona)
Mercury - Virgo (high, own & mool-trikona), Pisces (low)
Jupiter - Cancer(high), Capricorn(low), Sagittarius & Pisces (own), Sagittarius

Venus - Pisces (high), Virgo(low), Taurus & Libra (own), Taurus (mool-trikona).
Saturn - Libra(high), Aries (low), Capricorn & Aquarius (own), Aquarius
For Rahu & Ketu, the highs, lows & mool-trikona & own houses are mooted, so I
am skipping that currently.
Whenever the planet in high, own or mool-trikona sign, it is considered as strong.
In low, it is weak or debilitated. A planet 'high, own or mool-trikona sign' also
with similar status 'high, own or mool-trikona sign' gives, in Navmansha
horoscope gives extremely good results. But, if a planet is high in main horoscope,
but weak in Navmansha might not give that much of good results!
Some important points:
1. The main planet, is bound to give good results to the individual. 2. The houses 1,4,7,10 are called Kendra (center) while 1,5,9 are called trikona
(triangle). 3. Natural beneficiaries are Moon(brighter cycle), Jupiter, well placed Mercury
(with another benefic), Venus. According to BPHS, Ketu is also a benefic. Others
are natural malefics.4. If a malefic owns a Kendra, its negative affects are reduced significantly!5. If a benefic owns a Kendra (besides first house), it does not do much of good!
All the planets can be strengthened by using certain behavioural methods.
I will cover that up in coming sessions!
Bye for now!

Vikas Mehrotra.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Leftovers!

Shree Ganeshay Namah
In my last post I told about your main planet & its importance. Today, before
sifting into the topic more I would like to give some more insights (which I
indicated in brackets yesterday).

Aspecting - All planets aspect the 7th house (or bhava) from them. It means that
they have an equal presence in the 7th place to their current location. E.g.
Consider a horoscope of Sagittarius Ascendant. If Venus is present in 6th house (in
its own house Taurus). Then it will aspect or display its complete presence (?) in
the 12th house (which is 7th from 6th) too, in the Scorpio.
Besides the above rule there is an additional rule for Jupiter, Saturn & Mars.Jupiter has full aspect on 5th & 9th house to its current location besides the 7th.
Saturn has it on 3rd and 10th besides 7th & Mars has it on 4th & 8th besides 7th.
For Rahu & Ketu (these 2 guys do not have physical presence, they are addressed
as lunar nodes), the aspecting is same as the planet they are associated with or it is
like Jupiter.
If you are serious enough to judge your horoscope now open up, enter pertinent details (time
zone for India is 5:30) & get it!
Whatever the number the written in the upper central box (9 in case of the figure
with Jupiter, its master as the main planet), it is called the first bhav (first house)
of the horoscope. The rest of the houses are counted leftwards (anti-clockwise)
giving houses 2,3,4...12. Each house has its own traits which will come later on!
How judge any planet(specially main planet) is strong in horoscope? If a planet is at its high (later), mool-trikona house(later), own house(last post) or
friends house(later), it is considered as favourable to the individual. If the planet is
aspecting any of the above, then also it is good! E.g. a strong Venus in own house
& a strong Moon in its high with aspects from Jupiter & Mercury (the good guys)
can bestow the individual with a love marriage!
That's enough for today!

Enjoy & live happily!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Your Main Planet

Shree Ganeshay Namah
I am back again trying to share the knowledge that I have gained over the past 8-9 months. Even though I am just a neophyte in this business (not commercial) of horoscope reading, I have been quite successful in bringing hopes & smiles back on the faces of dismal people. Yes, my predictions are, kind of, coming true. I am happy that God gave me this gift of learning things related to Astrology so quickly!

Coming back to horoscopes, I am a North Indian, hence I have learnt this style. The South Indian style, even though the original style as indicated by the older texts, has been abandoned by North Indians long ago.

The North Indian horoscope consists of 12 boxes containing numbers (representing the zodiac signs). The number written in upper central box denotes your Lagna Rashi(ascendant) & its master is your main planet. The Main Planet (or the Mukhya Graha) actually represents you as a person! Its strength will denote how successful, good-looking you will be in your life. The planets situated in first box + the planets aspecting(what it means will come later on) it, will also have a deep influence on the individual. 

For each of the Zodiacs I have listed below the main planet hence:-

1. Aries (1) and Scorpio (8) - Mars
2. Taurus (2) and Libra (7) - Venus
3. Gemini (3) and Virgo (6) - Mercury (the above example)
4. Cancer (4) - Moon
5. Leo (5) - Sun
6. Sagittarius (9) and Pisces (12) - Jupiter
7. Capricorn (10) and Aquarius (11) - Saturn

The number in bracket indicates the sign which is present in upper center. For example, the given chart has Mercury as the main planet. If number 7 or 2 were written in the upper center, then the main planet would have been Venus.

The Main planet is bound to give good results to you unless it is extremely badly placed or debilitated (I will come to this later). You should always try to strengthen your main planet if you wanna be extremely successful in your life!
An important point, if your main planet is present within the sign e.g. main planet is Jupiter residing in Sagittarius Lagna or just opposite to it (in Gemeni), that person is bound to be extremely lucky (lest some major defect in horoscope affecting adversely). E.g. Sachin Tendulkar is born with Virgo ascendant with Mercury (its master) in Pisces aspecting it.
Bye for now, God Bless & take care!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Shree Ganeshay Namah 

Well, I begin writing this blog dedicated to the subject of Vedic Astrology. But before anything else, I just wanted to narrate how I arrived at this point of writing a blog. I have been studying different forms of Astrology since I was in class 11. At that time I started off reading about Numerology, which deals with birth numbers and all. I did not sift too much into the subject except the basics. I gradually moved towards hand reading or chiromancy, as people might know about it. 

My parents were not very encouraging of my interest in Astrology. But, I kept on collecting my pocket money to buy heavy books on Hand Reading. Unfortunately, I never had much of chance to display my talent before any audience, due to inexplicable circumstances. For some years I kept to my mind that Horoscope reading is far more difficult as compared to Hand Reading. I WAS WRONG! 

Atleast this is what I believe in now! 

Well, this year February(2009( I was watching television with family. I knew that there were programmes on TV displaying people's horoscopes & explaining remedies to them, but I never had any propensity towards them. For the first time I was watching TEZ channel with Astro Uncle (Mr. Pawan Sinha). I was mesmerized the way he was explaining things & his take off was different as compared to other guys. I had been going thru some crises in my life too & I decided to take some basic steps that he explained (since I, kind of knew what could be the problem with me). 

In April, I followed up on another suggestion that he gave on his programme. Well, that suggestion of his, has, kind of changed me a lot more than I could have imagined. I was going through extreme pessimism in my life during that time & yes, now I am quite a changed person now. Even though I am still not (very) satisfied with my life, I am gradually moving towards spirituality & truths of life. 

Finally, I bought a book on Vedic Astrology on Horoscope Reading in July, 2009 which cleared me of several doubts. Till now, I have read 2 more books - not very deeply still (namely Uttar Kalamrit by Kalidas and Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra by Maharishi Parashar). The second book is said to be a dialog between Lord Shiv & Mata Parvati which was told by Lord Brahma to Maharishi Parashar. I have also learnt the astrology from Pawan Sinha on TV, of course. 

Now, I have decided that I will start sharing my knowledge through this blog of mine. I will write more in my next entry! So, please watch over this space if you are reading it now! This subject is truly intriguing, you will see! 

Just to start off - your most favourable colour in case of your main planet (or mukhya graha) :- 

Sun - Bright shining Red 
Moon - Dull glowing White 
Mars - Red (wearing this is favourable if Mars is placed well in your horoscope, else refrain from wearing this or keeping it) 
Mercury - Green (as of grass) 
Jupiter - Yellow 
Venus - Bright White 
Saturn - Lamp Black (wearing this is favourable if Saturn is placed well in your horoscope, else refrain from wearing this or keeping it) 

Rahu & Ketu are shadow planets & produce results as per the planets they are associated/aspected with. 

Colours for them are :-
Rahu - Dark Blue 
Ketu - Orange 

A request - Please correct me if I go wrong somewhere! Thanks a lot!

Probably this can help you understand more about this blog:

God Bless & bye! 
Auf Wiedersehn!