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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Shree Ganeshay Namah 

Well, I begin writing this blog dedicated to the subject of Vedic Astrology. But before anything else, I just wanted to narrate how I arrived at this point of writing a blog. I have been studying different forms of Astrology since I was in class 11. At that time I started off reading about Numerology, which deals with birth numbers and all. I did not sift too much into the subject except the basics. I gradually moved towards hand reading or chiromancy, as people might know about it. 

My parents were not very encouraging of my interest in Astrology. But, I kept on collecting my pocket money to buy heavy books on Hand Reading. Unfortunately, I never had much of chance to display my talent before any audience, due to inexplicable circumstances. For some years I kept to my mind that Horoscope reading is far more difficult as compared to Hand Reading. I WAS WRONG! 

Atleast this is what I believe in now! 

Well, this year February(2009( I was watching television with family. I knew that there were programmes on TV displaying people's horoscopes & explaining remedies to them, but I never had any propensity towards them. For the first time I was watching TEZ channel with Astro Uncle (Mr. Pawan Sinha). I was mesmerized the way he was explaining things & his take off was different as compared to other guys. I had been going thru some crises in my life too & I decided to take some basic steps that he explained (since I, kind of knew what could be the problem with me). 

In April, I followed up on another suggestion that he gave on his programme. Well, that suggestion of his, has, kind of changed me a lot more than I could have imagined. I was going through extreme pessimism in my life during that time & yes, now I am quite a changed person now. Even though I am still not (very) satisfied with my life, I am gradually moving towards spirituality & truths of life. 

Finally, I bought a book on Vedic Astrology on Horoscope Reading in July, 2009 which cleared me of several doubts. Till now, I have read 2 more books - not very deeply still (namely Uttar Kalamrit by Kalidas and Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra by Maharishi Parashar). The second book is said to be a dialog between Lord Shiv & Mata Parvati which was told by Lord Brahma to Maharishi Parashar. I have also learnt the astrology from Pawan Sinha on TV, of course. 

Now, I have decided that I will start sharing my knowledge through this blog of mine. I will write more in my next entry! So, please watch over this space if you are reading it now! This subject is truly intriguing, you will see! 

Just to start off - your most favourable colour in case of your main planet (or mukhya graha) :- 

Sun - Bright shining Red 
Moon - Dull glowing White 
Mars - Red (wearing this is favourable if Mars is placed well in your horoscope, else refrain from wearing this or keeping it) 
Mercury - Green (as of grass) 
Jupiter - Yellow 
Venus - Bright White 
Saturn - Lamp Black (wearing this is favourable if Saturn is placed well in your horoscope, else refrain from wearing this or keeping it) 

Rahu & Ketu are shadow planets & produce results as per the planets they are associated/aspected with. 

Colours for them are :-
Rahu - Dark Blue 
Ketu - Orange 

A request - Please correct me if I go wrong somewhere! Thanks a lot!

Probably this can help you understand more about this blog:

God Bless & bye! 
Auf Wiedersehn!


  1. Nice blog dude..i m really appreciating ur effort to make a such a nice astrology blog..hats off to u sirjii!!!..

  2. Great write up. It is really nice and encouraging to see how beautifully you manage your time for hobby and work.
    Surely,would like to read much more on this blog.

  3. Great blog Sir!! Even I am a great fan of Astro Uncle. I am a complete beginner in Vedic Astrology. Hope ur blog clears my doubts. Can u please let me know any good book which could be beneficial for a complete beginner like me b'coz i am facing lot of difficulty in understanding basics??

  4. Thanks Meghaji. The book with which I started was published by Manoj Pocket Books (in Hindi). Then I have looked into Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra and Uttar Kalamrita. The best is to watch Astro Uncle and his lectures and take notes. I have learnt a great deal from too. But too start, I have seen seniors suggesting the book by BV Raman(Astrology For Beginners). I hope you are aware of JHora for making a chart. So all the best and thanks for your comments.

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      your blogs are very very informative... can you share you email for contact. mine is

  5. Excellent Work Vikas ! You truly are gifted at this..Keep it up and All the very Best !

  6. Hey vikas,
    this is a very nice blog. you are very knowledgable and its reflects in your writing. all the best for your journey

  7. Hi Vikas,
    Keep it up and continue to pursue this path

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  9. hi vikas,
    which is more authentic palmistry or astrology. most of the time palm and astro reading are not same and dont go hand in hand. pawan sinhaji guides through either by palmistry or through astrology in his tv serials but not both at a time

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