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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Something to share about Saturn

Even though I will cover this up later on, but I just thought to discuss this about Saturn. Now what is this? There are two observations which you will make about people (or about yourself)  which might have happened. 

1. You must have witnessed that some people have a habit of shaking some body parts such as legs, when they are in a situation or ambiance. This happens when they have a weak Me or Ve being adversely affected by Sa. In such case, both/either of these must be in aspect of Sa.  It is very much possible that Sa is enemy to the ascendant lord or just strong as compared to them or master of some bad house such as 6, 8, 12. 

Psychologically, this translates to a situation when you are doing something with which you are not comfortable or you lack confidence for. For e.g. you are not very good at Math and you have to solve a mathematical problem and you are finding it a bit tricky. If your chart has the said combination, you will start shaking your legs, because you are not comfortable. Now, how to eliminate such affect? Do things such that your Ve and Me get stronger. Also, remember to stop, when you start shaking some body part. If you don't do this, Sa will continue to oppress the planet and weaken it further. As you can see, this is a vicious cycle. 

2. Do you have a friend who when roams around has dogs barking at him? His Sa is bad. And it is possible that Sa is in combination with Ra or Ma. Ask him to start offering bread/roti to dogs daily or rather have his own pet dog and serve the dog. Regular worship of Lord Shiv can also help, but mind it, the above two combinations are two of the most dreaded of combinations in one's chart. Break them, please do this in this life of yours before they continue to next. Remain humble, polite, avoid politics and be righteous. Stop having non-veg food immediately.

Other planets, when adverse in your chart, will display some traits. I will cover them up later on.

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Ways to appease Saturn...4

19. Treat dandruff of your hair if it is present, as soon as possible.

20. Help the downtrodden of the society. Make a goal of your life that you will serve the society in some form or the other. Actually, people who have a good Sa, have it in their minds that they will work for the betterment of the society.

21. Donate money, clothes, blankets to the needy. Take care of people with leprosy. Donate money to hospitals and places where sick people are treated.

22. Learn to be patient in life. If you try to achieve a lot in less time, through crooked ways, Sa has been given the authority to tackle you at some point. So , always be patient, and satisfied with your life, with whatever you have.

23. Non-vegetarian food and alocohol is a strict no-no. Actually Sa when combines with another malefic(or be enemy of your ascendant in case of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Cancer ascendants), it will compel you to have non-veg and you will develop a taste for that. But actually, it is a vicious cycle, you will have non-veg and Sa will get worse.

24. Clean the place of worship in your home daily evening. If possible try to get chance to offer services to a Shiv, Hanuman and/or Shani temple,such as cleaning etc. Sa will be appeased with such acts.

25. Chant the Gayatri Mantra facing West on Saturday evenings, sitting under a Peepal tree.

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Ways to appease Saturn...3

13. Don't indulge in backbiting against your colleagues at work place. If you try to infuence your seniors through such things, by complainig about others, it will be  you who will end up in a soup. Sa acts very quickly to grant you the justice!

14. Respect other religions. Never say bad about other faiths. After all, all faiths lead to the same Lord, so bever denigrate any religion.

15. Study occult sciences such as Astrology. Study History and Mathematics.

16. Learn foreign languages (specially those spoken in the Western countries).

17. Read text, autobiography of great historical characters.

18. Respect elders. Help them out as often as possible. Visit elderly homes and spend time with elder people. Listen to their pains and help them out.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ways to appease Saturn...2

7. Never run away from your responsibilities. Sa is happy with people who like to take up their responsibilities.

8. Always be well dressed. Avoid having excess hair on your head and try to have your beard trimmed all the time. Have lots of water so that you do not smell. Wear fragrances.

9. Behave well with your subordinates. Never treat them bad. 

10. Donate black cloth, til and mustard oil to temples on Saturdays. Donate land for temple development.

11. Avoid wearing black clothes until you know that your ascendant is Taurus or Libra. 

12. Be righteous in your behavior. NEVER indulge in any sort of politics in your office. If you do that you are not only ruining your Ju but also building a dreaded combination of Rahu + Saturn which is very difficult to break and this combination destroys the house it is present in, specially 1,3,5,7,9,10.

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Ways to appease Saturn...1

Following are some of the ways the Sa can be appeased:

1. Worship Lord Shiv. Lord Shiv being Sa's Guru, Sa always listens to him. So if Lord Shiv is happy with you Sa will spare you.

2. Worship Lord Shanidev (Sa) in his original form on each Saturday evening (NOT during the whole Saturday as people normally do) using mustard oil and til. Chant the mantra in which His mother's and father's names are mentioned - " Neelaamjanam Samaabhaasam Raviputram yamaagrajam! Chchaaya maarthanda sambootham tham namaami shanaishwaram!"

3. Worship Lord Hanuman on Saturday. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa each Saturday. Also, read the Sundarkand from ShriRamCharitManas on Saturday evenings. 

4. Worship Lord Krishna, who is the Saturn's most favourite deity and whom Sa loves a lot.

5. Worship your parents, specially your mother. Talk to them and alleviate their pains. Take them to pilgrimage, specially to Shiva Temples (the 12 Jyotirlingas - Actually Sa is more appeased and happy with you if you serve your parents. If you abandon them, Sa will be highly furious with you.

6. Never betray your spouse. Fidelity is very important for Sa. If you indulge in adultery Sa gets angry very quickly. Respect your spouse, specially for men - respect your wife and take good care of her and her desires. Gift her chocolates.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Krishna's Blessings - ready links

Since the number of posts is increasing I thought I will collect all the links together and put them in a post. Also, if you are new to this blog or reading it for the first time, please read in the following order, for a better understanding:

I will update the list as I move forward. 

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Update on Venus

It is very important for girls to have a good Ve, because if they a Ve under aspect of a malefic such as Ma, bad Sa, Ra or Su (enemy of Ve), they can have problems related to female hormones, and can develop female problems and also problems related to child bearing. Also, the position and strength of 5th house is important in that concern.

One thing more which can be done is to have sabudana (sago seeds) preparation with makhane (Euryale ferox), mishri (a form of crystalline sugar)  and milk. Sabudana khichdi is considered very important for to be mothers. Google 'sabudana in pregnancy' and have a look at the results. Hence, the above preparation is very important for all girls to have.

More on motherhood and child bearing in a latter blog. 

Saturn...not that dreaded!!!

Saturn is the most dreaded of all planets the mortals have known in the Kaliyuga (the present era). Almost everyone will know at least one Shani temple in the neighbourhood. But is Sa really that dreadful?

Saturn is the son of Sun God and is born of his wife Chaya, who was dark, hence Sa is also dark. Sun asked Chaya to leave him, so animosity developed between Sun and his son. There are several other puranic stories related to Sa. 

Lord Shiv is the Guru of Sa and it is by his orders that Sa has been given the duty of displaying justice in this world of mortals. Sa loves justice, so if your actions are justifiable, He will be happy with you. 

The happy news is this that as I write this Sa is about to get exalted in Libra soon, on Aug 4, 2012 it will enter Libra and stay there for 2.5 years approx. This period will see several upheavals and justice happening. People's propensity towards spirituality will increase and general public will be relieved of tyrants.

The above mentioned period will also be good for West and people residing here. People with Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants will rise in life. Others too will rise, if they remain righteous. This is what Sa wants from all, righteousness and honesty. People will learn to be patient. 

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Continued from my last post...

8. For guys who have a weak Ve and they want a good wife in their life they must chant the 24th verse of Argala Stotram 108 times daily starting from Navratra.

9. Girls must avoid wearing clothes which are revealing. They muct be particular about their dressing sense such that their innerwear is not visible. 

10. Dress up and wear sphatik (crystal) necklace with 108 beads. Wear a silver ring (disjointed) in the thumb. 

11. Donate money for temples and spiritual places. Donate milk on fridays to temples or young girls under 8.

12.  Develop a habit to listen to your wife, whatever she says, patiently. Respect her and display your love for her more often. Gift her gifts such as flowers, fragrances, chocolates, white sweets and dresses.

13. Develop good relations with foreigners if possible and also with your in-laws. Sun must be strong too for this. 

14. Wear different types of fragrances as possible, do this specially on Friday.

15. Males must avoid wastage of their Shukra elements, namely sperms and semen. Again, Ve punishes males for this, severely.

16. Try to travel to west in your life, atleast once in your life. West is the direction of Saturn, which is a great friend of Ve, so people with weak Ve are bound to rise in West, since Sa comes to rescue of Ve.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Better Venus, for love and family...

Following must be undertaken to appease Ve:

1. Worship any form of Divine Mother. She can be Maa Sita (Lord Ram's spouse) or Maa Parvati (spouse of Lord Shiv). Maa Lakshmi is also worshipped because she is considered as giver of wealth and prosperity.

2. Chant the 108 names of the Divine Mother, chant the Saptshloki Durga and Argala Stotram regularly, specially during Navratra and Fridays. Offer white sweets to the divine mother. You can also offer dry fruits too. Durga Saptashati ( must be read during Navratra.

3. For guys, respect your mother and wife. This is the first step towards improving your Ve. The more you care for these two females in your life more is comfort in your life. Even if I don't say this you can very much understand how bad your life can be if you fail here. But loving and respecting does not mean to become their slave, if that happens you will weaken Mars, and this is not desired.

4. For guys, respect women in all forms, even the female who deliver household jobs at your home. It is very important for guys because Ve punishes males more than females when guys fail to respect women.

5. Avoid having salt on Fridays. Also, distribute white sweets, fruits to children, specially girls below 8 years of age on Fridays.

6. Learn different types of arts e.g. drawing, stitching, singing etc. Learn to use a musical instrument. Learn to cook. The reason why women do these things easily is that they have such qualities inherenty built in them because of Shukra element in abundance.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Venus...for love and family!!!

The planet Venus is known as Shukra in Vedic astrology. Sukra means "white", or "bright" in Sanskrit.  Venus is a first rate benefic in Jyotish (predictions). Venus rules over the two sidereal signs of Taurus and Libra. 

Venus is exalted in Pisces and in his fall in the opposite sign of Virgo. Venus is a karaka, or indicator of spouse(for males), love, marriage, comfort, luxury, beauty, prosperity, happiness, all conveyances, art, dance music, acting, healing and the saying of mantras. It also rules the elements necessary for child birth and progeny, namely - desire for companionship, interest in sex and the related organs and activities. The male part which combines to build the basic cell which develops into child is called Shukranu (the sperm or the atom of Shukra).  

Maharishi Parasara says that "Venus is charming, has a splendrous physique, is excellent or great in disposition, has charming eyes, is a poet, is phlegmatic and windy and has curly hair." Venus most  powerful position is in the 4th House and enjoys the Konas - 1, 5, and 9.

People who have Venus favorable position, have people from opposite gender flocking around them a lot. If a guy has Ve in first house, he can have several ladies roaming around him. But, for best of the results Ve must be friends to the Main planet. That is the case with Sa and Me and not with other planets. Still, Ve gives a person many artistic talents and the person has an attractive personality. 

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jupiter...the guide!!!

As mentioned earlier Ju is the planet when in balanced position in one's chart is capable of balancing the whole life of the individual. It is very important to have a strong Ju because it is Sattvik planet and people in the current era are loosing on their sattvik habits that have been inherited from ancestors. Good Ju makes a person spiritual automatically, even if a person admits that he is atheist (yes!!!). Somewhere, in his heart he will have a strong feeling that the almighty does exist and it is He who is responsible for the activities of this world. People with dis-balanced Ju will find it hard to be Ju or when Ju is affected by a malefic planet such as Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars.

Ju also signifies family life. Specially for girls Ju must be good if they want a good and understanding husband in their life. 

Hence to balance Ju following must be undertaken:

1. Find a Guru or make someone a Guru in your life and seek His guidance. That person must be someone who can guide you spiritually. Be in His presence, and serve Him. The more the blessings of a Guru you have  , more is the probability is that your Ju is getting balanced. 

2. If by any chance, you do not find anyone, make Lord Krishna as your guide. It was He who guided Arjun through the battlefield of Kurukshetra when he was confused in delivering his duties. Now this actually means  to follow the Bhagwad Geeta, read it daily and try to assimilate its teachings in your daily life. Lord Shiva is also considered Guru. He is the master of the Spiritual world,which lies just above the Material world, in which we mortals exist. 

3. Read literature, healthy literature. It is best if it is spiritual text such as ShriRamCharitManas, Bhagwad Geeta, Koran, Bible or Zend Avesta. It must be something which must help individual grow.

4. Teach, be a guide yourself. Explain things to people. Teach kids. Distribute your knowledge to others. Indulge in healthy discussions with others, related to the community/society improvement and spirituality. 

5. Avoid politics; don't indulge in politics of any sort. Don't conspire against anyone. Be away from any such elements who indulge in politics. 

6. Be humble. Most humble people have best of Ju in their charts. Learn to say sorry, even if it is not your fault. Leave your ego and arrogance. 

7. Respect elders and people of greater age. Touch their feet and take their blessings more often. 

8. Wear a haldi (turmeric) and/or kesar (saffron) tilak on your forehead daily. 

9. On Thursdays worship Tulsi plant. Put a spoon of milk in its roots. 

10. Worship the milder form Lord Vishnu, viz... Lord Ram or Lord Krishna on Thursdays. Since Ju is signifies kids too. many people have problems related to children too because if weak Ju. The best they can do is worship the Lord in their child form. E.g. do tratak with the Lord when He is in His mother's lap. E.g. Lord Krishna in Maa Yashoda's lap. For girls, who want healthy and obedient children, this is the first step towards their motherhood. And they must look at the Lord in the manner they themselves are Yashoda Maa!!!

11. Do upwas on Ekadashi tithi (11th day on brighter half moon month). 

12. Avoid having salt on Thursdays. Have grains only once a day. Prepare flour halwa, which must be sweet and have it with your first finger. Put Tulsi leaves in that halwa preparation and offer to the Lord before having it. 

13. Visit temples or places of worship, more often than ever. Sit there and feel the energy and sanctity of that place. 

14. Donate books (specially spiritual) to people. Develop your own library of books.

15. Donate yellow clothes to your Guru on Thursday. Donate yellow sweets to your Guru or any elderly person on Thursdays. 

16. Feed cows with wheat flour, gram and jaggery (gurh) on Thrusdays. 

17. Donate land/property/money for the development of places of worship. 

18. If your ascendant is governed by Ve(Taurus or Libra), avoid having excess Haldi (turmeric). Instead donate it. Also, avoid having bananas much, donate them too. Plant a banana tree and water it daily.

The epitome of Guidance - Devaguru Jupiter

The planet Jupiter is considered as the Guru of all planets. More precisely, if the Jupiter is in good position in a chart, then many negative things will be negated, because Ju will the guide the native out of it. A person with a good Ju will himself be a guide to others. She/he will prove to be a good teacher of several subjects.

If Ju is in good position in a chart, the person will have a great propensity towards being spiritual. If a person is not spiritual in the initial part of his life, he will become spiritual very easily, because Ju gives a person very Sattvik disposition.

Ju is the signifies the Guru. Hence a person with a good Ju will have a good Guru in his life. He can also have several people guiding him through his life. Ju also signifies higher studies. So, if Ju is placed in center (houses    1, 4, 7, 10), then a person will certainly have higher studies. The stream will be determined by the other influencing planets.

In  the next blog I will explain how to balance one's Ju and other important subtleties.

But before I end, I would like to give a small thanks to Astro Uncle Mr. Pawan Sinha through this blog, the way he has helped me learn this science. Thank you sir, I hope I will continue on this path for long. You are just like a Guru for me. Thank you, Sir.