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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moon and Mental Disorders...3

3. Inferiority Complex - A weak moon gives this too, specially if the person is born on Amawasya! The people who are born on the new moon day or Amawasya have an unnecessary inferiority complex. They might be good in their fields but still they will fear to speak out their opinions. The birth on new moon day is also considered inauspicious because the moon, which is the naturally signifies of mind and luck is devoid of strength being very close to Sun. Unless this combination has Jupiter also in the same or adjacent house, it certainly does  give the native some mind related problems.

4. Being a wimp - When Moon is too weak in Paksha Bal, the native will tend to be a wimp, someone who cries easily. This happens also when Venus is close to the Moon and Jupiter's aspect is weak. Such a person worries easily and will be under great stress if the Moon is under aspect of/conjunction with Rahu and/or Venus is close by. 

5. Anxiety and nervousness - I have seen that natives who have a weak moon (such that it is very close to Sun &  hence lacking in Paksha  bal) to suffer with some kind of anxiety and depression. Such people need someone close to them to pacify them. The depression can aggravate if following are also true:-

a) the native has taken birth between 10th tithi of Krishna Paksha to 5th tithi of Shukla Paksha.
b) the weak moon is present in Aries or Scorpio.
c) the weak moon is present in nakshatra of Ketu, ie, Magha, Ashwini, or Mool. Of the three Mool has worst affect.
d) weak moon is accompanied only by Venus. In such a case the native will be overly emotional and she will probably have several heart aches in life.
All the above people will also be bad in terms of social life and also public speaking, unless the Sun is strong.

To be continued...

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