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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some thoughts on Astrology and Spirituality

Shree Ganeshay Namah

Firstly I would like to remember Mr. Pawan Sinha, who has bestowed his knowledge over us and I am just trying to pen down his teachings! Thank you, Sir!

I am not sure how many of people who are reading this as of now had the audacity to share the blog link with their friends or shared on any social media or anything. I know that most people still feel that astrology is an inaccurate science (is it a science?) and no one can make all predictions correctly & perfectly. But same is true for medical science and other sciences too. Do companies not invest in Research and Development? Yes they do, but who does R&D on Astrology? I haven't heard of anyone. It is an ancient science, which has been bereft of special attention from materialistic mortals, us. Yes, there have been sages and great people such as Pawan Sinha, who are trying to research and bring out good things for all of us. So, as we grow as humans, we all need to work together to make our lives easier, for all of us. The message is clear, learn this science and help it evolve. And this is what Pawan Sinha says, share the stuff that he says with your friends, because you never know, who needs what!

Besides this, most of us, don't really believe in this science. We take it as a taboo, specially with the advent of so many astrologers in the society as of now. The reason being that we have so much of materialism around us, that we can't comprehend its importance. Many of us still take it as black magic (things of this sort exist), or superstition. Oh yes we do! That's just because we think that we can achieve things (materialistic) in life through our hardwork. If you are reading this, I am sure that you must have either faced some sort of distress in your life or you are naturally interested in this science, because people who achieve things in their lives through their hard work, will not like to read this page(more on this later).  You must have read the quotation - Success requires hardwork 80% and luck 20%. I hope that success here does not only mean success in an exam but also in other spheres of life. Ok, I agree to that, but from where does 20% come from? It is when this 20% misses people realize the importance of spirituality and astrology, otherwise, they are cool. And believe me it is this 20% which is most critical, because 80% can be done by all, right. Everyone, in general, can work hard. Some people, however, are unfortunate in that they are disabled. So, if you are not disabled, then you are lucky to have your 80% in place.

Coming back to 20%. So, what do you say? Where does it come from? What I have read is that it comes from the deeds of previous life. I agree to that and in your chart, it comes from 5th house(and its master) of your birth chart. Something which can help you overcome the negativities of previous lives (lack of 20%) is what you are reading now, viz, astrology and spirituality. It does not mean that you pray or carry out remedies for a day and you will fill up the 20%. If it were that easy then everyone would become Bill Gates, but unfortunately, he is still a single of guys of his type (this is just a simple comparison, I know that there are others too). And, just think for a moment, that whatever you are eating and wearing, it is actually coming from your previous life's deeds(as per scriptures), so how can everything change in a flash, in a day, month or even year of prayers and remedies? We need to be persistent in whatever prayers or remedies we do, and it is possible that it might take a whole life (or may be more) to rectify one's soul. That's why I have said in some of my posts that - be patient. It is the quality given by Saturn and many people lack it. So build upon your patience and wait for your right time, and pray and do remedies.

I was talking about people who achieve things in their lives through their 'hard work'. In my humble opinion, they are far from reality, or rather I must say they were on right path towards goodness in their past lives, and the good deeds of past life, is what is they are reaping as of now! I just hope that they are still on the right path, because I have seen successful and complacent people digressing in their lives. Actually, it is very hard to remain righteous, because we are engulfed with materials so much that we can't put our brains away from them. Hence, even if someone was righteous in some previous birth, it does not mean that he will not digress in this life. It is the materials which attract our minds and distract us, and that is the rule of the creator. And that is the way nature functions, right? Hence, again something which comes into picture to help you is consistency, and will power that you develop over time that materials don't lure you. If they do, you must not forget the Lord, and as per the writings of Srila Prabhupad, He is ultimate enjoyer, and He is enjoying now also, since He knows that after reading this text most of you (that can include me too), will actually forget the things that you are reading and materialism will engulf you. I am not urging you to do pray all the time, it is not like that. But you must remember Him, as much as possible. It helps - it does.  To add to this, I must say that there are people who are rich, successful and yet benevolent, humble and spiritual. These people, in fact, are true examples of how we all should be, or try to be.

I am sure that you will have at least one friend, who says that through 'hard work',  anyone can achieve anything. That person I am sure will have his Mercury finger (right of ring finger on right hand) tilted away from ring finger, or there will be a big gap between the two when they expand their hand. Such a person will have a disbelieve in astrology and most probably spirituality. He is in influence of Saturn and Mercury. I have seen such people, who have their Saturn affecting the ascendant or Moon, to be like this. I pray that they really get things in life through there hard work, which they claim as their prized possession. Such people, desperately need a Guru in their life to guide them. I was not lucky! Once upon a time, I was like this only, yes! Until, I realized that however hard I try, things were not getting rectified, so I jumped to something else, to find my answers. It was spirituality. It is this something, which,does rectify things in life, it will give you strength to face bad things, it will make you strong - yes it will!

To end this post, I will just say that the above thoughts are mostly mine and they have evolved over time. I hope that I have made my point a bit stronger that how much is spirituality important and also astrology. To quote Pawan Sinha - 'a bit of astrology, a bit of ayurved and yog, can help you'. So be righteous and most important be patient. Remember in the Lord, in whatever form you like. And thanks a lot for finishing this long post.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Child Birth...Finale

Please read the following before proceeding:

Here I come to the final post on Child Birth. I hope you would have read the above posts and I hope you have a child who not only fulfills your desires but also serves the society. Every person is born to achieve something and I hope that your child becomes an achiever is her/his life. 

A general reader might have felt that I have mentioned the names of Hindu Gods in these posts. Actually, it is mainly because of my background and most of the astrological text comes from ancient scriptures. But, it does not mean that if you are not a Hindu, then you can't follow things enlisted. It is just that, you must continue your prayers to the almighty and add other things that I have listed. Narrating the spiritual literature in that concern is very important. If you would have watched Astro Uncle's program, you must have witnessed that he talks worshiping the Lord in whatever form you do or as described in your religion's text, besides doing other things. So, you can follow the things that I have said, without any hesitation, and they might come from ancient Indian scriptures, they are applicable to all humans (aren't we children of one God?).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Child Birth...11

Please read the following before proceeding:

The 8th month of pregnancy belongs to Moon again. Please do the following in this month:
1. Don't wear any other metal except silver ring or bracelet. 
2. Daily morning , chant 'Om Namah Shivay'. Repeat them in the evening, mentally. 
3. Practice Anulom Vilom. 
4. Wear light colored clothes only such as, white, cream, yellow, pink etc.
5. Discuss spiritual literature. 

Please see the following posts for some more details:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Child Birth...10

The 8th month of pregnancy belongs to Ishta Devta. Frankly speaking, I am yet to decipher, conclusively, how to find one's Ishta Devta.

In one of the books that I read, said that Ishta Devta is based on the Atmakarak planet, the planet which represents your atma or soul. It is the planet, which in his residing home has traversed through maximum degrees as compared to other planets in their respective residing homes. For example, if Ju is at 29 degrees in Cancer and other planets (Mo in cancer 5 degrees, Sun in Leo 15 degrees, Mercury in Virgo 10 degrees etc.) then the Ju will be Atmakarak planet. Different deities as per this definition are as follows:

Sun - the Sun God or Gayatri Mata or strong form of Lord Vishnu - Lord Narsimha
Mo - One's own mother or any female deity such as Gowri Maa
Mars - Hanumanji or Lord Karthikeyan
Mercury - Lord Vishnu (mild form of Lord Vishnu - Lord Krishna or Lord Ram)
Jupiter - Lord Shiv
Venus - Gowri Maa
Saturn - Shanidev himself
Rahu - Durga Maa

People who watch astrological programs might argue the absence of Lord Ganesh here. Lord Ganesh rules Ketu, which is always as same degrees as Rahu, so in my humble opinion Ketu will be atmakarak if, it influences the ascendant or moon more strongly than Rahu does, along with having maximum degrees.

This was one approach.

Something which came to my mind after reading some texts etc. is stated as follows:
Lord Vishnu rules over the maintenance of the creation, so all planets which are primarily benefics, which enhance one's life to live it better will come under Lord Vishnu. For example, if your main planet is a benefic or your Moon is influenced by a strong benefic, it is very much possible that you will have a propensity towards Lord Vishnu. 

Lord Shiv rules the destruction and all malefics are primarily concerned with stopping the good life, hence, if your main planet is a malefic or your Moon or ascendant is strongly influenced by a strong malefic, then you will have a inclination towards Lord Shiv or Hanumanji.

Besides this, if your Venus, Moon or Rahu are particularly strong, and they influence the ascendant strongly, then, you might have a inclination towards the Supreme Female Deity, namely, Gowri Maa or Durga Maa.

While considering the above, we must also consider the 9th house in chart too. The 9th house in D9 must also be considered for influence.

One interpretation that I read in website LightOnVedicAstrology was as follows:

One more link that I found is as follows:

Another link, which states that Lord Vishnu, in his different forms can be Ishta Devta, for differnt planets, is as follows:

The interpretation of thr above doc that I found in one of the blogs is as follows:As per BhagyaSamhita rules, Atma Karaka is the planet that has the highest longitude in one's natal Chart. Atma Karaka in Navamsa is named the "Karakamsa". The 12th from the Karakamsacontrols the "IsthaDevata". The 12th house from the karakamsa is named the "Jivanmuktamsa". This is the house which suggests the freedom of the soul and thus we have to observe this house in order to find your IshtaDevata and if there is a Graha in the Jivanmuktamsa, it indicates the Devata. If there are more Grahas than one, we select the strongest. If there is no Graha in the Jivanmuktamsa, we can see whether any Grahas are inspecting the 12th. If no Grahas aspect it, we can take the 12th Lord as IshtaDevata.In the chapter called "kaarakaamsaphala" in BPHS(Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra), Parasara stated the deities adored based on the planets in the 12th from kaarakaamsha. For example, Sun in 12th from Atma Karaka shows a believer of Shiva and Moon in 12th from Atma Karaka shows a worshipper of MaaGouri.

Here are given the ruling deities for each planet who can be your IshtaDevata as per your Horoscope.

Sun - Vishnu, Rama, Shiva 
Moon - Krishna, Shiva, Parvati
Mars - Hanuman, Subramanya, Sri Narasimha
Mercury- Vishnu
Jupiter- Vishnu, Sri Vamana, Dattatreya, Sai Baba
Venus- Maha Lakshmi, Parashurama, MaaGouri
Saturn- ShaniDev, Hanuman, Kurma, Shiva, Vishnu
Rahu - MaaDurga, Varaha
Ketu - Ganesh, Matasya
Ascendent - Kalki

Last, and the mostly striking comment that I read in one of the forums was that Ishta Devta is the deity, towards whom you have the most natural inclination, so it can be any deity whom you worship with your whole heart is your Ishta Devta.

How to make your chart? Please download this free software - 
It comes with a book that help you learn to interpret your own chart.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Child Birth...9

Please read the following before proceeding:

7th month of pregnancy belongs to Mercury (Buddha), which makes the baby mentally active and an intellectual. Good mercury makes sure your child won't have any mental problem and will have a balanced mind, extremely important for competitions and exams. Strong Mercury also makes a person an influencing orator and leader.

To know more about Mercury read the following:

Following can be done to strengthen one's Mercury:
1. Chant 'Om' in the morning.
2. Solve mathematical puzzles.
3. Remove iron bracelet or iron ring that you wore in the previous month.
4. Listen to Vishnu Sahasranaamam daily.
5. Offer green grass to cows daily.

Read the following too for more guidance on this:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Child Birth...8

Please read the following before proceeding:

The sixth month of pregnancy belongs to Saturn. It is very important to have a good Saturn since if it is weak, the offspring can have problems related to nervous system. A weak Saturn can also give breathing problems.

To learn more about Saturn, read the following posts:

Following are some of the ways which can be done to strengthen Saturn:
1. Do not eat food which causes gas problems. Avoid having stale food.
2. Wear an iron bracelet in right hand or ring in middle finger.
3. Have food which has iron, for example, apples and bananas.
4. Take bath in water with Bael (Aegle marmelos) leaves are put and treated with.
5. Plant 5 Peepal trees (both husband and wife must do it) and serve them.
6. Discuss National, Social, Scientific issues and History.
7. Chant the 'Om Namah Shivay' mantra.

Read the following posts for further guidance:

Child Birth...7

Before reading this post please read the following:

The fifth month of pregnancy belongs to Moon. For more details about Moon please see the following posts:

Moon is the most important planet and if it is good a person will have peace and prowess of mind. If mother's moon is good and strong, child is emotionally well-balanced. He will display propensity towards science subjects. Both husband and wife must carry out these remedies to make sure that their child has good moon. If the father is greedy, selfish & ignorant, then however strong the mother's moon is, the child will have a dis-balanced moon. 

1. Drink water in silver vessel. Avoid refrigerated water.
2. In this month, remove the copper bracelet and wear a silver bracelet in your right hand instead.
3. Wear a silver ring in your ring finger of right hand.
4. Discuss spiritual literature and science phenomenon during this month. 
5. Practice Anulom Vilom.
6. Eat juicy fruits.
7. Mix 1 tablespoon of Ghee in a glass of warm milk and add a little amount of sugar in it. Have this preparation every morning and evening. 
8. Chant the 'Om Namah Shivay'.

For more read the following post:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Child Birth...6

Before reading this post please read the following:

The fourth month of pregnancy belongs to Sun. For more details about Sun please see the following posts:

Sun is the most important planet since it governs the soul (Atma) of the human body. If Sun is strong for a native, then he will be righteous and will work towards own spiritual uplift and also guide others.

It is the 4th month when the soul actually enters the child's body.

If mother's Sun is strong, the child will have a charismatic personality. The child will be good in subjects such as Maths and Philosophy. The child will achieve great heights in society through his thinking and influential speech. The child will be very impressive and will have a spark in eyes.

Things to do:

1. During the 4th month, sit in front of the rising sun and chant the Gayatri Mantra and Gayatri Stavan. If possible for 4 weeks perform the Gayatri yagya on all Sundays.
2. Drink water in copper vessel.
3. Practice any art.
4. Don't eat food that causes acidity or indigestion.

Read the following post for more:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Child Birth...5

Before reading this post please read the following:

The third month of pregnancy is ruled by Jupiter. For more details about Jupiter please see the following posts:

If mother's Jupiter is strong, child will have beautiful and glowing skin. The children will obey their mothers. The children will be very intelligent and will have a natural propensity towards spirituality.

Following can be done to make Jupiter strong:

1. Read and discuss literature and science in the third month.
2. Read and discuss spiritual text during this month specially.
3. If Jupiter is very weak, then don't eat haldi and stay in the company of guru.
4. Apply tilak of white sandalwood and kesar(saffron) or Haldi(turmeric) and Kesar on your forehead.
5. Offer flour laddoos to deities and have them as prasadam.

Following can also be done for improving Jupiter's strength:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Child Birth...4

Before reading this post please read the following:

The second month of pregnancy is ruled by Mars. For more details about Mars please see the following posts:

For strengthening Mars following must be done:

1. Donate gurh (jaggery)
2. Avoid spicy food during this month. 
3. Read the Sunderkand (from ShriRamCharitManas) religiously, specially on Tuesdays. 
4. Wear a copper bracelet in right hand.
5. Avoid wearing red clothes, specially if Mars of mother is weak.
6. Boil in milk 10 gm shataavar (Asparagus - and 10 gm mishri (granulated sugar) and drink this preparation daily two times at least.
7. Walk on green grass daily.

Other things which can be done are as follows:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Child Birth...3

Before reading this post please read the following:

Even though these posts contain my studies from various sources, the major chunk comes from Mr. Pawan Sinha's lectures. Again a salute to the great Guru for sharing his knowledge.

Every month during the pregnancy period is governed by a particular planet out of the seven planets (leaving Rahu and Ketu) . The first month of pregnancy is ruled by Venus. For more details about Venus please see the following posts:

If mother's Venus is weak, then in the first month, mother will experience some problems. It is very important to make her Venus strong, because first month is the most important month during pregnancy. 

Do the following such the Venus of the child is strengthened:

1. Husband and wife should clean their home worship place, or the place where  you keep idols, pictures of God!
2. Manage your home well. Keep all the things organized.
3. Spray fragrances in your home regularly, or light of incenses which emanate sweet smells.
4. Play light music in your home. 
5. Do a regular chanting of mantras such as Santan Gopal Mantra and/or Krishna Damodar Stotram.

Other remedies are listed in following posts:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Child Birth...2

As per SriRamCharitmanas(the story of Prince Ram; the condensed form of Ramayan), it is a very difficult period for a child, which is a living being, for the 9 months when it is in the mother's womb. We must not forget that it is a difficult and crucial time for the mother too. 

This is the time when the soul (within the baby, after the 4th month, more on this later) suffers and understands the agony of being in a closed space, totally dependent on the mother. During this time the soul remembers all the bad deeds that it committed in his/her earlier lives. Just imagine, for a moment that you are kept in a cage and there is nothing through which you can communicate with the outside world. You are given food but still you cannot speak out to anyone and have to be contended with what you have. Such is the state of a child in womb. 

The only thing which can pacify its pain is narration of some spiritual text. For example, the father can read the some text such as the ShreemadBhagwadGeeta to the child till it is in the womb, regularly. Note that the book can be any, depending on the faith you follow (such as The Bible, Qoran, Guru Granth Sahib or Zend Avesta), and it can narrate the speech of the Almighty or stories about the Lord. The point is to develop a spiritual propensity for the child.

This can definitely ease out pains that a child is going through. Now you might ask that what happens to the child's memory after taking birth. Does it not remember the events of previous life after that? Yes it does, but it can't speak, right? Then how will it convey them? Also, as per SriRamCharitmanas, the agony of the birth, which is painful, not only for the mother, but also for the baby, makes the baby forget the previous life events to a good extent. Rest of the memories are washed off by the time child turns 5. Also, there have been extraordinary kids who have narrated things from past lives.

 The point is that, during the gestation period of 280 days approximately, it is the father's and mother's onus to reduce the agony of child and as you would expect, there is just one way to alleviate the pains...remember the Lord.

All the best. From the next post I will start narrating the affects of planets on the child for 9 months.

Child Birth...1

I have been thinking of writing on this topic for long. I will try to cover every aspect that belongs to this topic starting from the primary act of having a child, i.e., from coitus to the things that can be done to have a brilliant child.

In today's world we need citizens who can work for the betterment of the society. Citizens who work not only for their community, society and country but also for the whole world. As the human society is advancing people are becoming more and more materialistic and hence selfish. Being materialistic and selfish is not bad until a person begins to harm others for his own success. This is bad. We need good people who can help others reform.

The first step towards having a baby is coitus. It can happen between any two individuals who are matured enough to nurture a baby and ready to take the responsibility of the baby. Please note carefully that this text is not a manual for enjoying coitus. It is not a re-write of any such book.

Following are some of the things a couple must undertake towards having a child with good planets:

1. Balance your own planets. This is valid for both parents. Prepare yourself mentally for this 'job'. Chant the Santan Gopal Mantra and Stotram regularly. Strengthen your main planet. See :

2. Girls who have a weak Jupiter must strengthen it. If you have problems related to hormones have yourself treated and also do stuff for strengthening Venus and balancing Mars. Girls must keep a poster of Lord Krishna sitting in Maa Yashoda's lap in their room and look at the lord as if He is her own child. They must worship Lord Krishna daily and offer him sweets.

3. Boys should work specially toward strengthening their master of 7th house, Venus and Jupiter.

4. Avoid coitus, specially when you are planning a baby, during:
a.) dawn time
b.) evening time
c.) day time - this specially weakens your Sun and also the child's Sun.
d.) when there is a special occasion going on in home
e.) Navratra time (twice a year)
f.) deepawali (amawasya) and holi (full moon) days and any other festivals and auspicious occasions.
g.) Solar and Lunar eclipses

These are the times when deities (the Devatas) are busy and they need energy from humans (humans chanting and conducting yajnas give them energy see ShreemadBhagwadGeeta Chapter 3 Shloka 10). So, it is preferable that we pay attention to them and not to our sensual pleasures.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Planets' hints...6

When Rahu is bad then the following things will happen often with the native:

1. Problems with electronics stuff.

2. Everything around you will be out of order and you will have to work hard to find your things. 

3. Wires will float around you and they will entangle together and you will have a hard time re-arranging them.

4. If Ra is bad in one's chart, it gives the native all the pleasures of life (since it is materialistic in nature). But all this will halt and start declining after the native gets to 48 years of life, and the native will have a bad old age.

5. If native is into bribery, he will receive bribes specially on Saturdays.

6. Bugs, insects, spiders, mosquitoes will attack you without any good reason.

Ketu - If Ketu is badly placed in native's chart, following are possible:

1. The native will develop a bad habit of comparing himself witth others. This will intensify his dissatisfaction if he is not receiving due success. 

2. When Ketu combines with Mo, native will have severe headaches. This is also possible when Mo is in Ketu's constellation (nakshatra), namely - Ashwini (in Aries 0 to 13.2 degress approx), Magha (in Leo 0 to 13.2 degress approx) and Mool (in Sagittarius 0 to 13.2 degress approx).  Ketu can give a headache even when in ascendant. 

Read the following too - 

3. Ketu is the ruler of emancipation or when it is bad, separation. So, a person will have to remain away from home due to Ketu. He will have to remain away from family and it is probable that the person will distance himself (or the circumstances will occur as such) from his closed ones.

Planets' hints...5

Saturn -  if Saturn is not good it will give the following hints:

1. Native will have problems with machines and vehicles and other electronic stuff.

2. Native will find strands of hair more often in his foods.

3. Native will have hard time with bosses, subordinates and servants.

4. When Sa combines with Ma or Ra, native has a hard time in everything specially during 7.5 years of Sa sadhesati. An exception occurs when Sa combines with Ra in Taurus or Libra wherein both Sa and Ra are friends of Venus.

5. Delays in achievements even after working hard (there can be others reasons too).

6. Bad relations with parents, specially with father.

7. See the following link for something more - 

8. Native will have dandruff and it will not go easily.

9. One important observation is that after taking shower or using tap water(for bathing), and closing it tightly, it will drip little bit water after some time (few seconds) when you leave it. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Planets' hints...4

Ve - When Venus is problematic, the native will face the following:

1. Native will have problems with/from females in general. He will have a problematic wife (for this consider 7th house also).

2. Native will have his/her clothes/wardrobe not arranged properly.

3. Native will tend to wear revealing clothes or inner-wear will be visible.

4. Native will tend to be a person with bad smells. This also happens when Saturn influences Venus negatively.

5. Native will lack the dressing sense and will be disheveled.

6. Native will lack energy for day to day work.

7. Native will feel sleepy (or drowsy) from 2-3 pm of the day to evening time. Actually Ve gets weak if native sleeps regularly during that time period.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Planets' hints...3


If Mercury is not good the native will display the following:

1. Stammering or speech related problems.

2. Failure in sports and competitions. The native will be specially weak in cracking competitions which require marking of answers (selecting one in sevaral alternatives).

3. Lack of confidence, such that the native cannot talk in eyes of others.

4. Shaking Of body organs : legs etc. happens specially when Me is weak and under influence of Sa. This actually indicates that the native is dissatisfied/not comfortable with the situation or ambience. See

5. If Mercury is in combustion with Sun and not in own house (Gemeni, Virgo), native will have to face breaks in studies. Native will be weak in Math (calculations) too. 

6. If mercury is badly inflicted/combust the person will have highly itchy skin.

7. Also, the person will have bad relations with his mother's brother/sister and their kids.

8. The person will cut his/her own tongue while talking.


If Jupiter is not good the native will display the following:

1. The native will lack a guide/guru in his life. Or the guide will not take the native seriously.

2. Person will find difficulty in being spiritual and will have a somewhat disbelieving attitude toward the single power or almighty. This also happens when Sa is intimidating in one's chart.

3. Person will not have interest in books and studies in general.

4. Native will lack attachment towards his near family and might not have many friends.

5. The native can have bad relations with his mother.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Planets' hints...2


If Moon is not good it displays the following:

1. Bad relations with mom and maternal relatives.

2. The native will waste water & this will happen naturally, e.g. Tap will remain open and water will drip, even after closing it tightly (the first time). This also indicates that you are about to incur unwarranted expenditure.

3. Lack of concentration in daily activities.

4. Feeling of sleep/weakness during day, specially at 10 am.

5. The native will be fond of chicken, turkey and other birds and their eggs (for eating).


If Mars is not good it displays the following:

1. Bad relations with siblings or absence of siblings. Bad relations specially with brother and his wife.

2. No interest in outdoor activities.

3. Being over possessive in relationships.

4. Weak constitution and lack of will power.

5. If Mars is enemy of the ascendant and is placed close to ascendant, in house 1 or house 2, the person will use abusive language quite a lot and hurt others by his voice. The person will develop Vani Dosh (voice defect) and ruin both Mars and Jupiter. In such cases the native is extremely high-headed and thinks too good of himself. He will be extremely egoistic and will ruin his relationships with his voice. The observations are true even when Mars is yogkarak planet, in case of Cancer and Leo ascendants.