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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Special Aspects of Outer Planets...4

Saturn, predominantly the most dreaded planet in the astrological world, also has special aspects. As I have already mentioned, Saturn delays things, but rarely denies. And your have to be very very righteous in your life if you have to please Saturn. You can offer whatever you have - lots of oil, til (sesame seeds), black cloth, iron stuff and all, as much quantity as you want, but the best way to ward away evils of Saturn is to change yourself. That comes from within, as you can guess. 

Saturn is the master of Justice and delays. If you see things getting delayed in your life, most of the time Saturn is responsible. It wants you to learn lessons of life, the hard way. Justice is another aspect of Saturn, it has orders from Lord Shiv to carry out the justice! And you know very well, it does that successfully, in fact it has the authority for that! So, as I said offer anything but change yourself if you wanna please Saturn. 

Be righteous, don't indulge in any politics at workplace to get ahead of others, never indulge in infidelity, take care of your ageing parents in whatever best way you can, be respectful towards subordinates, elders and Gurus, and avoid castigating others specially if Saturn influences your first/second house; and help the needy in best manner! Saturn will definitely shower its blessings over you! 

to be continued...