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Friday, August 23, 2013

Bad health indicators...2

There are some more indicators that indicate bad health as well as a worse recuperating power of the native:

1. The ascendant lord is weak because it is combust (located very close to the Sun) or debilitated. 

2. It is in the house of enemy.

3. The ascendant lord is in 6th, 8th or 12th. 

4. It is under influence of malefic planets, through aspect. 

5. The ascendant lord has malefic planets before and after it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bad health indicators...1

In the previous posts I have mentioned the good health indicators. As you can imagine the reverse of the good health indicators will show bad health in natives. Some of the factors are explained below:

1. The ascendant (first house) is occupied by malefic planets.

2. If malefic planets aspect the ascendant, mostly when they are enemies of the ascendant lord.

3. Ascendant has adverse yogas. E.g. Paap Kartari yoga is formed when we have 2 malefic planet before and after the ascendant, i.e., in the 12th and 2nd house. OR even worse the ascendant has Sun and Moon together (birth on the new moon day).

4. The ascendant has debilitated planets. Refer to the below table.

Ascendant Sign Planet which is debilitated
Aries Saturn
Taurus ----
Gemini ----
Cancer Mars
Leo ----
Virgo Venus
Libra Sun
Scorpio Moon
Sagittarius ----
Capricorn Jupiter
Aquarius ----
Pisces Mercury