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Friday, May 23, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...4

In the previous post I said - It will get activated when the mahadasha and antardasa of planets involved starts. Even during the pratyantar dasha of the planets trigger such wealth gains. 

The next big question is how?

Well, this relates to the house or place where the dhan yoga is formed.


1. When dhan yoga is formed in 2nd house (then is it gain of money from family).

2. When it is formed in 5th house then money is gained through speculative business, children, sports etc.

3. When it is formed in the 9th house then money is gained through spiritual activities.

4. When it is formed in 11th house, the person gains through his friends, or career or senior siblings.

5. When the combination is formed in 3rd house the money is achieved through younger siblings and travels.