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Friday, May 30, 2014

Combinations of Wealth (Dhan yoga)...5

More examples:

6. When the combination forms in 8th house, the gains happens through sudden acquiring of wealth through in-laws or secret activities.

7. When the combination forms in 4th house, the money is gained through mother, real estate and vehicles.

8. When the combination occurs in 7th house, the money is acquired through one's spouse, partnership business etc.

9. When the combination happens in 12th house, the native will acquire wealth through foreign lands, long distance travels, foreigners or spiritual activities.

10. When the combination is in 6th house, you will gain money through your maternal uncles, enemies or providing service to the society.

All the above combinations that I have described in past 5 posts must be looked in D1 chart, D9 chart and also the D3 chart. 


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