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Monday, October 29, 2012

Moon Remedies...Revisited

Please go through the following links to know more about moon and remedies to strengthen it:

Also, the following post contains the various problems what a person can face if the Moon lacks in strength:

Moon primarily is a sattvik planet. The remedies that do not involve spiritual bent actually will just strengthen your moon. Actually Moon needs to be with your Jupiter. The best combination that you can get in a chart is that of Moon in first own house with Jupiter (exalted). It would be better if the Moon is a full Moon or it is at 90 degrees with respect to Sun. Such a combination is capable of warding of any evil that would come on your way.

So, if you are serious to strengthen your Moon, please also strengthen your Jupiter. So in that case the best remedy will be to read the Geeta. It makes one's mind passive, fast. Also, avoid indulging in any sort of politics and be righteous. Be social, be honest, and believe everyone (I know it's hard, I still am trying to be like that). Accept your fault. Say sorry. Control your speech. Don't be arrogant. All these qualities will actually make you a humble person, yet extremely successful in the long run. The most successful people in fact are most humble. 

I am enlisting the remedies of Moon again as below:

1) Drink water in silver vessel. Drink lots of water.
2) Wear a Silver chain in your neck with spherical silver pendant.
3) Use good amount of water for bathing.
4) Wear whites on Mondays.
5) Offer Saptadhanya to birds.
6) Try out Chandra Tratak - continuous gazing at moon. If possible chant 'Om Namah Shivay' or any Chandra mantra.
7) Read the ShrimadBhagwadGita.
8) Worship Lord Shiva. Offer water to Lord Shiva on Mondays. Chant the Shiv
Pachakshar Strota.
9) Except for those who have exalted Moon (in Taurus), you can lend milk to small kids on Mondays
10) Have lots of juices. Give water to citrus plants.
11) Do not waste water.

Also for strengthening Jupiter, do the following:

1. Find a Guru or make someone a Guru in your life and seek His guidance. That person must be someone who can guide you spiritually. Be in His presence, and serve Him. The more the blessings of a Guru you have  , more is the probability is that your Ju is getting balanced. 

2. If by any chance, you do not find anyone, make Lord Krishna as your guide. It was He who guided Arjun through the battlefield of Kurukshetra when he was confused in delivering his duties. Now this actually means  to follow the Bhagwad Geeta, read it daily and try to assimilate its teachings in your daily life. Lord Shiva is also considered Guru. He is the master of the Spiritual world,which lies just above the Material world, in which we mortals exist. 

3. Read literature, healthy literature. It is best if it is spiritual text such as ShriRamCharitManas, Bhagwad Geeta, Koran, Bible or Zend Avesta. It must be something that must help an individual grow.

4. Teach, be a guide yourself. Explain things to people. Teach kids. Distribute your knowledge to others. Indulge in healthy discussions with others, related to the community/society improvement and spirituality. 

5. Avoid politics; don't indulge in politics of any sort. Don't conspire against anyone. Be away from any such elements who indulge in politics. 

6. Be humble. Most humble people have best of Ju in their charts. Learn to say sorry, even if it is not your fault. Leave your ego and arrogance. 

7. Respect elders and people of greater age. Touch their feet and take their blessings more often. 

8. Wear a haldi (turmeric) and/or kesar (saffron) tilak on your forehead daily. 

9. On Thursdays worship Tulsi plant. Put a spoon of milk in its roots. 

10. Worship the milder form Lord Vishnu, viz... Lord Ram or Lord Krishna on Thursdays. Since Ju is signifies kids too. many people have problems related to children too because if weak Ju. The best they can do is worship the Lord in their child form. E.g. do tratak with the Lord when He is in His mother's lap. E.g. Lord Krishna in Maa Yashoda's lap. For girls, who want healthy and obedient children, this is the first step towards their motherhood. And they must look at the Lord in the manner they themselves are Yashoda Maa!!!

11. Do upwas on Ekadashi tithi (11th day on brighter half moon month). 

12. Avoid having salt on Thursdays. Have grains only once a day. Prepare flour halwa, which must be sweet and have it with your first finger. Put Tulsi leaves in that halwa preparation and offer to the Lord before having it. 

13. Visit temples or places of worship, more often than ever. Sit there and feel the energy and sanctity of that place. 

14. Donate books (specially spiritual) to people. Develop your own library of books.

15. Donate yellow clothes to your Guru on Thursday. Donate yellow sweets to your Guru or any elderly person on Thursdays. 

16. Feed cows with wheat flour, gram and jaggery (gurh) on Thursdays. 

17. Donate land/property/money for the development of places of worship. 

18. If your ascendant is governed by Venus (Taurus or Libra), avoid having excess Haldi (turmeric). Instead donate it. Also, avoid having bananas much, donate them too. Plant a banana tree and water it daily.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moon and Mental Disorders...6

10. Obsessive compulsive disorder - This is also a mental disorder. And this happens most of the time when people become obsessed with themselves. It happens mostly when Moon is very powerful (due to Paksha bal, as it is just opposite the Sun) but completely alone, without aspect of any benefic or any benefic in same or in adjacent houses. Such people, might be people's people but in fact they want the limelight a lot. They become egotists. The problem becomes severe when Sun is also weak. They would like to click their own snaps and change them again and again or share with friends and they do that very often. They want to be pampered. If the Moon under aspect of a malefics, this problem becomes more severe and may lead to Obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

11. Schizophrenia - it is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsiveness. The native suffers with delusions and illusions and hallucinations. All the above indicated combinations when combined with other malefic aspects and conjunctions, produce such mental disorders. Following are some of the  combinations which designate natives suffering with schizophrenia:

a) Debilitated Moon (in Scorpio) in 1,5,9 house along with Ma, Saturn or Rahu/Ketu. This might get a relief if Jupiter is in center with respect with Moon and Venus gives neecha bhanga (cancelation of debilitation) to Moon, by being in houses 1,4,7,10.
b) Moon and Mercury in Scorpio in first house. Note that in such a case Moon will lack the paksha bal too (because Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from Sun, hence Sun will be close to Moon, so Moon will have lesser Paksha bal).
c) Debilitated Moon occurs in 12th house along with Saturn.
d) Saturn in house 1, Jupiter in house 12, Mars and Moon in 1,5, 9 house.

There are many more combinations but they depend on other planets, and not just Moon, for example - Mercury when under influence of Mars, Saturn and Rahu in 12th house can give mild hallucinations. If any of the above are also true, the person will actually loose control of his brain. One more thing to notice here is that I have not listed the beneficial effects of the combinations, for example, Moon+Ketu gives awesome intuition abilities. If this combination has aspects of a benefic such as Jupiter, the native will know before what good things are about to happen. If Mars or some other malefic aspects the combinations, the native will foresee bad events.

Another thing that I want to mention is that the whole chart must be seen holistically, for example, even if a person is born on Amawasya, the moon is in better state when exalted in Taurus, specially when Ve is close by. Also, in all the above cases, if Jupiter is giving its beneficial aspects to Moon, then the person will have a very good chance of recovering from the problem. This is far better when Jupiter sits with Moon, specially in the same nakshatra. Devaguru Jupiter always comes to the rescue of Moon! Why? Because Moon is primarily sattvic and Jupiter's main duty is to promote that! Therefor always look out of Jupiter+Moon combination (conjunction, aspect, exchange, square) in one's chart, it is the best combination to have, even if both or one of them are in enemies house! This combinations always promises many things to the native, however weak it is! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moon and Mental Disorders...5

8. Over confidence - some natives display over confidence too in case of a weak moon, specially  when  moon is accompanied by malefics such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars. I have witnessed that even if for such people the yogkarak is Mars, it will still make people overconfident, when it affects the ascendant, ascendant lord, or weak moon. Such people often, in their over confidence, hurt others. They act with haughty nature and even speak words. Such people can be convinced if spoken in soft voice. They are gullible to the extent that if spoken softly will completely change their opinions. But if we try to push our opinions over them with force, they will repel back badly. Such an over confidence and haughty attitude is evident is also visible when a native is born under paap kartari yoga. This yoga is formed when moon has malefics on both its sides, it is hemmed between 2 malefics. In such a case of the moon also lacks the Paksha bal, then the native will also suffer with worse forms of mental illness. The person can also have severe headaches, depression and may be mild epilepsy. The problem aggravates further if there is no benefic aspect, but moon comes directly under the aspect of Rahu, or the enemy of Lagna lord (e.g. Sun is enemy to ascendants - Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius; Venus is bad for Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces; Jupiter is bad for Taurus and libra; Mercury is bad for Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces ascendants; Saturn is bad for Aries, Leo and Scorpio ascendants).

9. Headaches and Sinus - whenever Moon combines with Ketu, I have witnessed people suffering with headaches and when Moon is further weakened by being in Aries, Scorpio or with less Paksha bal or in ketu's  nakshatra, the headache will aggravate to sinus problem.  The pain is alleviated when Moon is in conjunction with/ aspected by Jupiter.

To be continued...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moon and Mental Disorders...4

6. Inactive social life - when moon is all alone in a house with no aspects from benefics such as Jupiter, Venus or Mercury or they are not in the same house as Moon or adjacent to it, then people will have a weak social life. There is some compensation if the Moon has aspect from the strong Lagna lord or is in conjunction with/ aspects from the yogkarak planet (e.g. Mars is yogkarak for Cancer and Leo ascendants, Venus is yogkarak for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants & Saturn is yogkarak for Taurus and Libra ascendants). Such people will also feel lonely at times and sometimes feel bereft of luck.

7. Unnecessary fear - this happens specifically when moon is weak in Paksha bal and has aspects from Rahu or Saturn or both. Such natives will fear from the unknown. Depending upon the position of moon, that house will be affected. For example - if moon is present in 10th house with an aspect from Rahu or Saturn, the person will have fears related to workplace. If Rahu is too bad then the native will have hidden enemies at workplace.

To be continued...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moon and Mental Disorders...3

3. Inferiority Complex - A weak moon gives this too, specially if the person is born on Amawasya! The people who are born on the new moon day or Amawasya have an unnecessary inferiority complex. They might be good in their fields but still they will fear to speak out their opinions. The birth on new moon day is also considered inauspicious because the moon, which is the naturally signifies of mind and luck is devoid of strength being very close to Sun. Unless this combination has Jupiter also in the same or adjacent house, it certainly does  give the native some mind related problems.

4. Being a wimp - When Moon is too weak in Paksha Bal, the native will tend to be a wimp, someone who cries easily. This happens also when Venus is close to the Moon and Jupiter's aspect is weak. Such a person worries easily and will be under great stress if the Moon is under aspect of/conjunction with Rahu and/or Venus is close by. 

5. Anxiety and nervousness - I have seen that natives who have a weak moon (such that it is very close to Sun &  hence lacking in Paksha  bal) to suffer with some kind of anxiety and depression. Such people need someone close to them to pacify them. The depression can aggravate if following are also true:-

a) the native has taken birth between 10th tithi of Krishna Paksha to 5th tithi of Shukla Paksha.
b) the weak moon is present in Aries or Scorpio.
c) the weak moon is present in nakshatra of Ketu, ie, Magha, Ashwini, or Mool. Of the three Mool has worst affect.
d) weak moon is accompanied only by Venus. In such a case the native will be overly emotional and she will probably have several heart aches in life.
All the above people will also be bad in terms of social life and also public speaking, unless the Sun is strong.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moon and Mental Disorders...2

Besides that our mind has a typical quality of getting distracted easily. Many people suffer with this, specially when they need to concentrate on something important, they experience this. Hence, we need to control mind here too, because the more we get distracted, success shuns us.

Moon naturally signifies luck too. Hence you can imagine that how luck and mind are connected leading to success. And actually success is just a state of mind. If you are satisfied with yourself, or anything that you achieve, you have a cool mind. And that anything could be just anything, not necessarily material. 

Now, coming to affects of weak moon. It gives many problems and they depend on multitude of factors. I will try to enlist all of them, those that I have witnessed in people. And mostly these disorders vary in degrees in all the individuals and instead of despising such people we need to pay attention and help them recover:

1. Being over-conscious - People who have weak moon remain unnecessarily conscious. Just imagine a child, how free she is, no thoughts about the world, just busy in her own world, right? That's what a good Moon gives. To not think about the world. Carefree! And I have seen people who are born on Full Moon day to be like that only. Also, if moon has benefics (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury) very close to it, then also people tend to be that way. Most stage artists have a good Moon. E.g. Michael Jackson had a full moon in his first house. 

2. Irresponsibility - The native will tend to irresponsible if there is no aspects from any benefic or the Moon is under a strong influence of one or more malefics. This will happen even when Moon is in a benefic's house or in benefic's nakshatra. The person will actually display to the world that he/she is a cool person, but actually he is slowly moving towards being irresponsible. The irresponsibility increases when the native has other benefics (specially Mercury and Venus) weak.

To be continued...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Moon and Mental Disorders...1

I have already written some stuff on this, but thought to revisit this:

In the Vedic Astrology, Moon is considered to signify Mind, Luck and also one's mother. Mind rules over our physical existence and most of the time we act as per the direction given by our mind. We act as per the perceptions of our conscious and sub-conscious mind. We act based upon the habits we develop over time and and as they get embedded in our minds. Many a times we use words such as - In my opinion..., I think...etc. All these indicate the importance of mind. This is the reason why we have Moon signs and not Sun sign in Vedic Astrology. On the other hand, Sun signifies our physical existence and our soul. 

A stable mind is the most important requirement to be successful in life. Success can have several definitions based on people's perceptions. It can be money, love or some position. But I am sure that many will agree that a satisfied mind is most successful. And satisfied mind is achieved only after we as mortals achieve something material. But this is a vicious cycle, because after achieving something, we are satisfied only for sometime. After that we want something else and set our journey towards that. Hence we continue our journey, never being satisfied completely. To some extent this is good, if you are 'lucky' enough to achieve what you desire, but if not, then the problem starts. The mind loses its stability and coolness in the wake of achieving that thing, finally leading to loss of memory and ability of mind to think (BhagwadGeeta 2.62-63). Hence, one need's to stabilize one's mind first if one has to be successful in life! 

To be continued...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Combinations for Love Marriage...4

14. Whenever Venus comes in your 5th house or aspects 5th house, you will have romantic outings with someone. Here I am talking about Venus in transit.

15. Moon also signifies romance (the word 'lunatic'). If Moon is also good along with Venus, the relationship will lead to marriage. The person will be capable of writing romantic poetry.

16. If Jupiter is involved along with Venus through exchange/conjunction etc., the person will be an ideal lover. If Jupiter is too strong, then he/she will expect his/her partner to be ideal too.

17. If Venus as the master of 5th, 7th or 11th is in exchange with master of 5th, 7th or 11th, the relationship will consummate in love marriage. In such a case ascendant must also be strong and unaffiliated with any malefic.

18. Benefic planets in 5th or 7th house and their lord in relation with strong Venus (exchange/conjunction/aspect) is the key for a successful love marriage.

19. Also, if Jupiter aspects Venus, the person will be an ideal lover. If the 7th house is also involved, the relationship will lead to marriage.

20. In all the above cases ascendant lord must be strong. If it is strong enough the native will have the strength to propose to his/her love. If a strong Mars is also involved, the native will be capable of demonstrating love in public. If Sun is also involved and positive, the native will be able to say out his/her love loud. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Combinations for Love Marriage...3

9. If Venus is present in ascendant along with the master of ascendant, love marriage is inevitable. Again, it is preferable that Venus is friend of ascendant (for example Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius). The person will someone loving at an early age and the relationship will go up to marriage.

10. If Moon is present in Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces, along with Venus, master of 7th or ascendant, the relationship can lead to marriage. 

11. When Jupiter is involved in the above factors, the marriage partner will belong to your own community.

12. When Rahu/Saturn is/are involved in the above factors, the marriage partner will be outside of your community.

13. If the ascendant lord is under the aspect of lord of 7th, your partner will love you a lot, will respect you for what you are and encourage you in everything that you undertake. Also, he/she will play an influencing role in your life.

to be continued...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Combinations for Love Marriage...2

4. When Venus sits in the first house, the native gets lot of attention from the people of opposite gender. In such a case, if Venus is a friend to the ascendant, there is a good chance that the relationship will culminate in marriage, otherwise, if Venus is enemy of the ascendant, then there might be several long and short relationships, which will just cause mental turmoil and go no where. 

5. When Venus is placed along with Moon or is present in the 5th house from the Moon, a relationship can culminate in marriage.

6. If the Venus as lord of 5th is in exchange/aspect with 3rd house along with a relationship between ascendant and master of 7th, the romantic relationship will lead to marriage.

7. If the Lord of 7th and ascendant are in a relationship by aspect/exchange/conjunction etc., the relationship will lead to marriage. Venus must also support this.

8. If the master of 7th sits in 5th house, there is a possibility of love marriage. 

to be continued...