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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Houses of your Vedic chart...ascendant...1

I have discussed several topics and from today I will discuss the twelve houses of the vedic charts. Each of the 12 houses have their own significations and give results to the native based upon the location of master of the house. Most of the time, if the Lord of a house is present in center (houses 1,4,7,10) then the planet will give at least some good results to the native even if the planet is enemy/malefic for the ascendant. The same is true when the planet is present in trine (1,5,9). 

The first house is called the ascendant or Lagna. The Lord of the Ascendant is called the Main Planet (mukhya grah). Ascendant is the zodiac sign which rises in the east when the child is born. As per the North Indian Vedic Astrology, the planets move anti-clockwise in a chart, but the zodiac signs move clockwise. Hence, if at 8 AM in the morning Capricorn is rising then at 10 AM we might have Aquarius/Pisces rising (depending on time for Capricorn to completely rising). For more details on the main planet, visit the following link:

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