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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Houses of your Vedic chart...House 6

The sixth house is the 6th from ascendant when counted anti-clockwise. If the master of 6th house is present in exaltation or in own house, specially if in center (1,4,7,10) or in trine (1,5,9), it will give native good results. The 5th house is also called the Shatru Sthan (the house of enemies/diseases). In order to be free of diseases and enemies the lord of this house, must be, as compared to that of ascendant Lord, be less strong. 

The 6th house mostly signifies the following:

1. Enemies
2. Diseases, wounds, injuries, operations
3. Service, debts and litigation
4. Struggle in general, obstacles, disagreements, divorces.
5. Small intestine, appendix, kidney, upper ureter
6. Mental agony, phlegmatic, poison
7. Eye disease
8. Tuber culosis and eruptive diseases (such as small pox) and tumors, ulcers and inflammations
9. Mother's younger brother

During the dasa, antardasa of the Lord of 6th house, you will see the above significations of 6th house, taking prominence in your life. If a malefic such as Mars, Sun, Saturn or Rahu is present in 6th house, the native will defeat his enemies easily. If Rahu is present, the native will have stomach related problems.

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  1. Hi. Could you plz check my cousin birth chart . His DOB 27 July 83
    Time 11:00 AM . Place Banur punjab .
    He doesn't listen to anyone . Somewhere I feel he is dealing with depression . He doesn't talk much . He stammer a lot . Wear shabby clothes . Plz check his horoscope . Would be great help if u can tell some remedies .