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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Human Mind...1

The natural significant of mind as addressed in earlier posts is the Moon. Besides the moon, the planets that can signify the working of human mind are Mercury and Jupiter. The role of all three planets is described below:

The Moon - It's strength or weakness reflects how a person's mind normally functions. It indicates the person's feelings, attachments with worldly affairs and how a person respond emotionally. It also tells how much a person will be mentally compatible to other people in general. That's why people with strong moons are socially very active. 

The Mercury - It is the planet of reason, rationality, logic and intelligence for a native. It also indicates a person's academic inclination and business and practical knowledge. Most successful business people have strong mercury. It also indicates a native's complexes.

The Jupiter - This planet signifies wisdom, higher knowledge, maturity and hope. Mostly people with very sound higher spiritual knowledge have a strong Jupiter. Such people have strong inclination towards reading and books.


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