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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Houses of your Vedic chart...House 2

The second house is the 2nd from ascendant when counted anti-clockwise. If the master of 2nd house is present in exaltation or in own house, specially if in center (1,4,7,10) or in trine (1,5,9), it will give native good results. The 2nd house is also called the Dhan Sthan (the house of money). Hence, if you want to have a lot of money, you will need the lord of this house very strong. If the master of this house is strong, you will inherit a good amount of money in your life. If the master of 2nd house will reside in 12th house then you will have a lot of money, but it will drain away from you. You will not even realize the reasons, but still the money will not stay with you.

The 2nd house mostly signifies the following:
1. Your immediate family.
2. Money.
3. Right eye.
4. Face and upper jaw.
5. Lips, teeth, tongue, mouth, oral cavity, nose, speech, nails, steadiness of mind.

Hence, to judge the above we must consider the 2nd house. If the ascendant Lord is present in 2nd house, the person is centric on the above indicated things, money and family! During the dasa, antardasa of the Lord of 2nd house, you will see the above significations of 2nd house, taking prominence in your life.

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