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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Houses of your Vedic chart...House 4

The fourth house is the 4th from ascendant when counted anti-clockwise. If the master of 4th house is present in exaltation or in own house, specially if in center (1,4,7,10) or in trine (1,5,9), it will give native good results. The 2nd house is also called the Matra Sthan (the house of mother). If the master of 4th house is good, the person will have great support from his/her mother. The native will also be attached to his/her mother. In addition, if Moon is also good the bond between the native and his/her mother will be stronger. For this sake, Moon must be exalted (in Taurus), in own house (Cancer), in the 4th house and/or the 10th house. 

The 4th house mostly signifies the following:

1. The mother of native
2. Immovable property such as house etc.
3. Vehicles
4. Material comforts
4. Chest, lungs, heart, diaphragm
5. Basic education
6. Ability to sing, dance and enjoy music

During the dasa, antardasa of the Lord of 4th house, you will see the above significations of the 4th house, taking prominence in your life.

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