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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Houses of your Vedic chart...House 10

The tenth house is the 10th from ascendant when counted anti-clockwise. If the master of 10th house is present in exaltation or in own house, especially if in center (1,4,7,10) or in trine (1,5,9), it will give native good results. The 10th house is also called the Karma Sthan (father or profession). It corresponds to the native's professional career, as well as his social elevation as compared to his family background. It symbolizes his ambitions and his achievements in the society. It is also related to the general public, potential fame, and the mother's influence. Some astrologers say that this house also represents the father of the native while others say it is house 9 for father.

The 10th house mostly signifies the following:

1. The profession of the native.
2. Honor, dignity, power, esteem, vocational activities, talents that are visible to the world.
3. Credit and recognition for the work done, promotion, advancement in job.
4. Relations with higher authorities, honor/prizes/awards from Government, high posts such as VP, CEO etc.
5. Stability and permanency in job
6. Fame, ambition, authority
7. Knee joints, patella bone

During the dasa, antardasa of the Lord of 10th house, you will see the above 
significations of 10th house, taking prominence in your life. The 10th represents the highest position in sky when a native is born. Hence, it signifies, a native's direction and goals in life and success in those. Planets which are placed in 10th house are very strong, and manifest a strong influence in native's life. Depending upon the planets the goals and missions of native are oriented. The planets in house 10 make the person ambitious, outgoing and achievement-oriented.

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